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Medium Austrian Poidl

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Item:     Mozart Mini Chocolates

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180g of small Mozart chocolates.

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06.12.2012 15:40
I first had these as a present from my Austrian Au Pair as a child , we never had them other than that as they weren't available, but growing up and even into Adulthood we always remembered them - twenty years later we went over to Austria to visit our old Au Pair and the first things she greeted us with was a hug and a big box of these!! They are still as delicious now as they were back then - if not nicer!! I remember she used to give them to us for being good and we were always on our best behaviour when there was a chance of getting a Mozart as a reward. These have since become a popular chocolate amongst our friends and family - so much so that they place orders for them every time we go to Austria now. It's great that we can now get these online at a decent price to save all the overweight baggage charges we have paid down the years due to Mozarts!! Of all the chocolates I have ever had these are definitely my favourites and I think by all the requests I have had that it will stay that way.

Martha E.Cantu de Morales
21.11.2014 20:42
Pueden mandar los chocolates a Monterrey,Nuevo León. México.cuales son los requisitos,me gustarían 25 de estos

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