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Item:     Mozart Medals 15pcs

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15 pcs milk chocolate medals filled with praline paste (38%) and marzipan (11%).


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Ivana Bottallo
27.07.2012 22:41

Ellen Almroth-Ericson
27.04.2013 17:44
Want to have received the order by Frid 03May13

Juan matos
20.08.2013 14:33

Captn. Waneh
25.11.2013 02:46
I first tasted this chocolate at the age of 12. I still remember how it all happened. I was in austria with 15 family members as we made our way to vacation house in Belg. We had a layover in Austria. The sunlight was bright. The hotel lobby was reflecting the white marble floors and the dark wooden tables speckled the layout. Mama had bought some of these funny chocolates because she liked Mozart and his name took her back to the childhood days of piano practice and cold winter evenings. We weren't expecting much out of duty free confections. We each got a medallion and a mirabell. It was the strangest sensation when I bit into the chocolate. the texture of the harder outer coating giving way to the puree and delectable center was unforgettable. It was addiction from first bite. I was transformed into a Mozart fan for life. Knowing of Mozart chocolate is similar to being a member of a secret society. It's like an inside joke that never gets old. And the best (or perhaps worst) part is that you don't want anyone else to know.When with company you slyly ask if anyone has heard of Mozart chocolate and you avidly scan the room, searching for any slight hint that there is another Mozarti present. If by chance there is, you two exchange acknowledging nods and glances as others around you sit in wonder what is Mozart Chocolate??! You become, for a few seconds, king/queen of the world. That is how my love affair with Mozart Chocolate began...

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