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Item:     Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9pcs

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9 pieces of Mirabell Mozart Chocolates from Salzburg.

Milk chocolate filled with praline paste (45%) and marzipan (6%).


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Nell Clingman
19.07.2012 23:11
We purchased these chocolates while in Austria in June 2012. They were so delicious but I should have bought more to share with friends and family back home. I am ordering more to share with them.

sue biedla
30.08.2012 21:55
My husband is from Kaprun (Salzburgland) in Austria and I was first introduced to Mozart Kugelns in 1981 on my first of many visits to Salzburg ...I have eaten them at every opportunity since ....I absoutely love them!!!

11.11.2012 21:24
I've seen these chocolates featured in several youtube videos I watched. They look absolutely wonderful! Gonna try to get my hands on some of them :)

Susan Simms
13.04.2013 17:22
I wish I'd bought more Mozart Furst original chocolates when I was in Austria. i see they can't be ordered, but I'd like to know which ones I CAN order that are closest to the filling in the blue and silver wrapped ones I bought. Thanks, Susan Simms from US

17.04.2013 08:16
We purchased a few Mirabell Mozart Chocolates from Salzburg whilst on holiday in Austria for gifts and to try ourselves. We loved them. They are so delicious. Will definitely purchase some on line for friends and family to try.

Stephen Oberauer
02.08.2013 14:15
My dad's Austrian, so his parents used to post parcels with clothing, videos and Mozart Kugeln to us in South Africa. I fondly remember my dad telling us my favourite bed time stories about a mysterious place called Marzipan land, where everything was made of Marzipan. I vaguely remember something like if you stepped off the path in Marzipan land then you turned into Marzipan. It was about 25 years ago so my memories of my childhood bedtime stories are quite rusty. Nevertheless, Mozart Kugeln remain my favourite chocolates to this day.

17.10.2013 19:03
I'm an opera singer so you can imagine why a confection named after the great Mozart would appeal to me. A friend gave me one of these to try, but I ended up giving it to my vocal coach who was having a bad day. Let me tell you, I've never seen so much joy on his face as when he bit into the Mozartkugel. Being the kind and generous soul he is, it brought me much joy as well to see him so happy. Now, I am looking for a gift for my dear coach and knew that these delicious pieces of heaven would be the perfect thing. I can't wait to give them; it always feels so much nicer up give when you know the recipient will love the present. The only question is how much to buy! I know he would be content with one bag, but surely two would mean twice the pleasure! Who know, maybe I will stock up and give these out to my friends this Halloween. Grown up trick or treating! Anyway, thanks for the great product. Can't wait to try them myself!

Mikkel Hansen
20.12.2013 15:35
Fantastic product. These mozartkugeln Are the best. I highly recommend them to anyone. When I wanna spoil my friends I put these in the table. They are fantastic and are one of the best childhood memories I got of getting down from the mountain in Austria after a long great day skiing.

01.03.2017 23:02
I would like to receive my order before the 17th of March 2017. Is that possible?. I live in London ,postcode Nw4 2PR

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