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Chocolates filled with marzipan (39%) and praline creme (32%), covered with plain chocolate (26%).


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eunjin kang
08.08.2012 01:33

21.09.2012 09:26
It's really one of the best chocolates that i've ate. you really need to feel its natural when you put it on your mouth. We wish that it won't change it's ingredients and uncomparable naturally delicious taste.....

20.11.2012 20:12
I love marzipan and this chocolate goes over and beyond anything I could have ever expect out of a chocolate. The first time I tried this chocolate was as a kid at my grandparents place. They had a mini bar in the living room that was under the key. Sometimes, with whiskey and liquors, they would put there boxes of chocolates from guests. I knew where they held the key, and sometimes, when they would have their afternoon nap, I would check if there is any chocolate in the mini-bar. One time a funny shaped box with Mozart was there. It was unopened-which meant no, but the scent of it was just incredible. I knew there was something good in that box. I remember that afternoon waiting for my grandparents to wake up so that I could ask them for some chocolate. Every minute seemed like an hour. When I finally tried it, it was heaven. I found my perfect chocolate. Since the first time I tried Mozart Kugeln I have been obsessed of trying to find them again. It is somewhat difficult to find them in UK stores so I mostly buy them on airports when travelling. However, I have noticed that there are different versions of the chocolates (from different companies) and it was quite underwhelming to eat this after knowing what the real Mozart Kugeln tastes like! Just perfect.

19.12.2012 19:53
It is not Christmas without Mozart Marzipan Balls

19.03.2013 22:17
My fave choccies! so glad i can buy online instead of having to travel abroad especially :)

23.03.2013 18:27
lovely chocolate a taste ya can never forget i am addicted to it

21.07.2013 20:55
Hello my brother just came from a trip around Europe and brought a small bag of MOZARTKUGELN chocolate from Victor Schmidt o how wonderful it tasted. Personally I am a fan of chocolate but this was a real special experienced the different taste you can sense in your mouth as it disintegrates. That special taste of marzipan and praline it was just breath taking. So I just could not help my self in coming online , searching it and buying some more. I am almost from all across the world, but who cares I am determine to get me some delicious and unique tasting chocolate as this one. This chocolate has such a different kind of taste that makes one addicted to it in a good way. :-D I love chocolate as simple as that and i will give this chocolate a 5 star gourmet taste. I will recommend this chocolate to anyone who wants to have a good treat and pamper themselves with a sweet taste. At my home not only did I love it but my brother, mother and father. Especially my father so laso as a surprise for him i want to purchase more chocolate i know he will be very happy when he sees a box of this chocolate. Thank you for your perfect chocolate once again I say it taste delicious.

14.08.2013 03:02
Arguably, some of the finest chocolate candy taste treats. Each sphere is comprised of a nut paste: White Almond on one side, Green Pistacho on the other. Both Almonds and Pistachio have an extra ingredient of Hazelnut. At the center of the sphere is a wonderful, soft chocolate nucleus. Melts in your mouth. It's that good! Arguably, some of the finest chocolate candy taste treats. Each sphere is comprised of a nut paste: White Almond on one side, Green Pistacho on the other. Both Almonds and Pistachio have an extra ingredient of Hazelnut. At the center of the sphere is a wonderful, soft chocolate nucleus. Melts in your mouth. It's that good! A great, highly appreciated gift for that special recipient-or how about a nice treat for you? I have enjoyed the most delicious and addicting chocolate and introduced it to some friends, which couldn't get enough. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. This is the most delicious candy experience I have ever had. Would make a very classy gift for someone who enjoys marzipan and chocolate. Definitely my go to chocolate for when I am having a rough day... it always puts a smile on my face!

Aleksandra P.
29.09.2013 22:00
My new Austrian roommate brought me a pack of those chocolates. I served them to my friends and familly and they all loverd it. It is the best marzipan combination I ever tasted! I miss it already. When I was eating it I felt like a Queen, that can afford this pleasure. I love the wrapping and how it presents itself! It really gives me self esteem and makes my day a happy day! You have no clue how happy I was when I found out that there was one more left in my closet (where I first hided it). It make me remember the people eate it with not mentioning how much I like my roomate now! It is just a pity that she is from Austria and we are in Montreal, Canada!! I will be looking for those delicius balls in any german or austian store here. I hope I will finf it! Till now they are my favourie candy- it is not a candy- it is a decicasy,than only some can experience! I am happy I had this opportunity! And please let me know if you will be having a website in Canada, so I will be buy them in big quantities to give to my famiy and friend as a Christmas gift! They all would love it!!

29.10.2013 10:40
Undoubtedly my favourite chocolate. I remember the first time I tried one, I was 14 and on holiday in Austria with my parents. They seemed very decadent, something for the grown ups!! They're very expensive to buy in the UK so when I was in Vienna last year I did go a bit mad! (Sorry for those back home who didn't get your presents as I ate them!!) Aside from the delicious tastes, it's when you first bite in and go through crisp chocolate into soft praline and then firm marzipan. What could be better? I now find myself having to feed my Kugel addiction! On top of the yumminess is the Mozart connection, my favourite composer, I like to carefully unwrap the chocolate and smooth out the foil. All in all the perfect chocolate. :-)

Lisa Kraut
13.11.2013 19:06
My husband attended a conference in Baden in September this year and he decided to buy some local speciality chocolates for the family. As I am not such a big chocolate eater, I was not too excited when he returned with quite a number of bags of Johann Strauss Motzartkugeln. He asked if I wanted to try one of the chocolate balls, so I reluctantly took one. It was covered in dark chocolate (which made me even more reluctant, because I usually do not enjoy dark chocolate. To my utter surprise, it was one of the most delicious things that I have ever tasted and I just loved them instantly, so much so that I wanted to keep a few bags for myself. Unfortunately the bags did not last very long and I started to search the internet for ways to get my hands on more Johann Strauss Motzartkugeln. Thank goodness I have a family friend who is coming to visit from Switzerland and he will be able to bring me some quite soon. I am looking forward to a great Christmas and I envision myself eating Motzarkugeln non stop! These are truly a magical creation!

18.11.2013 17:28
I love these wonderful chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria. So glad I've found somewhere easy to buy them from.

18.11.2013 17:34
Lovely lovely lovely brings back many happy memories of holidays in Austria, and it just wouldn't be Christmas with out them.

18.11.2013 17:44
Lovely lovely lovely chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria.

20.11.2013 11:25
My mothers German so I have been brought up on some of the most wonderful chocolate in the world including Niedergger marzipan, I ve also spent many holidays traveling all over Europe including Austria with my parents and siblings. I've never tasteted anything as wonderful as Motzart Balls, they are really difficult to find in the UK and after looking online found your fantastic online shop. Christmas wouldn't be the same for me if I didn't have my array of wonderful sweets from Europe, it brings back such wonderful memories of family holidays. The taste of these fantastic balls is second to none, they are some of my most favourite tastes, marzipan, nougat praline and chocolate, one is never enough. If ever any family or friends travel abroad these are always top of my list for treats to bring back home, lovely to see them all in one of my lovely crystal sweets dishes ready to be shared out, trouble is they never last long enough in our household. I unwrap them very carefully and take my first bite the smell and taste is exquisite . I also have tried the motzart kugel liquor that was fantastic too.

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