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Item:     Hofbauer Viennese Composition

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Hofbauer Exquisite Chocolate Assortment

Vienna the city of culture, tradition, joy of life and - with it tight connected - the music.

To understand the world of the joy of life the rich in tradition Viennese confiserie-specialist Hofbauer created a very special chocolates composition for you.

- Franz Schubert Finest Orange Nougat Creme in Schubert Motive Wrapping
- Einspänner Café Truffles
- Viennese Desert Finest Strawberry Marzipan Creme
- Viennese Nougat Finest Three Layer Nougat
- Hofbauer Exclusiv Selected Orange-Marzipan
- Viennese Schmankerl Finest Hazelnuts Crispy Nougat
- Spezi Almond Cherry Pastry
- Baci Finest Hazelnut Nougat with a whole Hazelnut

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janice stewart
26.11.2012 16:21
Each time I'm in Salzburg Austria or Germany I buy mozart candies to bring home and all my friends are amazed at the quality of this candy. I have a German friend that always brings it to me when he visits. I found this site on candy bought in Tennessee USA at a shop near my home.

Olivia Firestine
14.11.2013 16:57
I was an exchange student in Salzburg, Austria 2 years ago when I encountered this delicious chocolate. I have missed it so much because I am unable to buy it in the United States. However, I found this website and I would love to buy it. It is probably the best chocolate I have ever had. My host family used to have Hofbauer chocolates all year long because we were in love with them. Now everytime I go back to visit or if they send me a package I know I will be receiving Hofbauer chocolates because they are exclusively Austrian. Austria is a huge part of my life (including the delicious chocolate), so I cannot wait to return to buy some more or to receive another package in the mail with Hofbauer chocolate. I'm extremely excited for Hofbauer as usual. I know my parents like this chocolate as well as some other family members, so maybe I will buy some for them for Christmas or their birthdays because it makes an excellent gift. My favorite Hofbauer item is the Mozartkugeln because it is so exclusively Salzburg, which is where I lived when I was an exchange student. I want some Hofbauer!

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