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Suchard Velma is the chocolate with the big history. Before the second world war, Velma was the most popular chocolate brand in the German speaking area. Only after the war Milka was able to take the lead as most popular chocolate brand.

Suchard Velma is finest dark chocolate. The aromatic sensuality for all who love the tender-herb taste.

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consider ross
31.12.2012 19:42
Best dark chocolate made!!

Vera Snykers
19.04.2013 16:35
My daughter Velma,who was born in 1998, was named after the character played by Charlotte Rampling, in the Dick Richards Movie, 'Farewel, my lovely'based on the Raymond Chandler novel .It is a fantastic film noir, also featuring Robert Mitchum. I could get hold of the old movie advertisement and thought that was all there was to know to her name. When she was still a baby , I was watching another movie about the war,I think it was' Distant Voices, Still lives' but I'm not completely sure about it.Anyway in the movie, was clearly visble an old advertisement that read: 'Velma, chocolates, by Suchard. Those were the days when PC and internet was not yet common in most families, so I never really looked it up. Only recently,did I hear, there is a place , called Velma, in Oklahoma, USA.So after a litlle bit of surfing on the internet, not only did I find the exact place's coordinates, but also text and images on your fabulous chocolate. Do you think one could still get hold of old advertisements of Velma chocolates? My girl Velma is very pleased by the whole story and would like nothing better than have her poster. You see the name is not at all common in Belgium, she has never ever met another girl with the same name.

Chris Joshnick
26.05.2013 21:23
I am in the possession of a very old box with the name Velma Chocolates, Roddewig-Schmidt Candy Co., Davenport, Iowa. Does anyone have any info on this company? Thank you

Velma Thomas
06.07.2013 07:49
My father is retired Air Force who was stationed in Europe for long periods of time before I was born (1962). When I became an adult, I asked my parents how they came up with my name. They told me it came from a tv guide in europe. After much research, I found that I was named after this candy. And yes, I love chocolate!

Peggy Konkolus
20.08.2013 06:05
My Grandmother (or as we call her, Nanny) is 93 years young. Her mother named her after the Velma chocolate bar and I have been trying to find one for ages to give to her. I had no idea that it originated in Austria! Thankfully I found your site. Unfortunately, my Mum passed away in 2011 so I can not share my find with her, God rest her soul.

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