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Item:     Hofbauer Marzipan Chocolates

9.89 €
incl. 10% VAT
(7.40 Ł - 11.30 $)


Hofbauer stands for the finest marzipan chocolates since 1882!

The finest chocolates filled with delicious marzipan variations.

- walnut almond
- pistachio marzipan
- marzipan rolls
- orange marzipan 

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Dr. S.K.Pathak
13.09.2012 06:17
I am delighted to be able to purchase this product today, because I forgot to do so when I visited Sazburg 3 years ago!!!

Jean McDonnell
19.12.2012 02:38
I tried Kugeln in VIenna whole vacationing there this past fall. I brought home some of the Mozart candy form the Mozart shop in VIenna. WHen I returned home I found your website online while searching for the candy I had in VIenna . I have your website bookmarked and ordered 100 pieces to accompany my homemade cookies that I make for gifts at Christmas. I plan to order coffee and chocolates from your website.

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