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Small Austrian Hansi

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Item:     Milka Naps Mix

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A mix of different Milka Naps flavours.

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Bethany Hutchinson
30.05.2013 03:03
I grew up in an American Military family. My family lived in Europe for 3 years, we fell in love with milka chocolate while we were over seas. When we returned home from Europe we brought with us some chocolate, ok maybe a little more then some, which we shared with people. My then boyfriend (now husband) LOVES this chocolate and he's been looking for it ever since. We even went to our local Bavarian village and searched and searched for it. We finally asked a few sweet shops and general stores about it and got some funny looks and was told they'd never heard of Milka, we decided they must not be a very authentic village if they don't know about the BEST chocolate in Europe. We sadly returned home without the chocolate we set out to find. Now I'm on a mission to find this divine chocolate before fathers day so I can surprise my sweet husband with it. It's been 6 years since I've had any and I've hear I can find it in stores here locally now, but believe me I've searched and I'm having trouble finding it. I've decided to take to the web and see what I can get online. Very happy I found this site and hoping you can ship to me.

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