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Item:     Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

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Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

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Raman Narayanan
19.06.2012 10:59
This is out of the world chocolate and it melts in the mouth like jelly. It is proper to terms it as MILK HA! HA! . It is exceptional in taste and flavour and represents true cow's milk. you can name it as MILK OUT OF THE WORLD.

Rhianne Evens
28.09.2012 06:44
This is my absolute complete favourite chocolate ! ! ! I live in Australia and it is not really available here , so I have to get it sent in ! ! ! I am yet to buy any for my family , but it will be here soon and then I can share it with everyone I know ! ! ! I first had it in Central America , and talked to a friend of mine from Germany , who said it was her favourite brand as well . This chocolate is beautifully smooth , creamy and it melts in your mouth ! ! ! There are also so many different variations , and while milk is my favourite , I also love the oreo , caramel , milk , honeycomb and mixed berry varieties ! ! ! I hope that the creators continue to put out new flavours and varieties (from mini snack bars to family boxes ) and that new flavours continue as well . I would like to see new flavours like fruits of the forest , raspberry , apple and even banana. Thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

09.10.2012 13:44
I love Milka Alphine Milk, but I live in South Africa and it is very difficult to buy Milka in any of the shops anywhere in the country, My family all live in the United Kingdom and whenever my folks or sister travel there for a hoiliday they always remember to bring me back a few slabs to keep me going. I gave one of my slabs, from my moms last visit last year,to a friend of mine as a gift. That was a big mistake ;-)) He loved it as much as I do and now every time my family go over and bring me some,I need to give at least one of the slabs to my friend. (He begs and begs as it is also his favourite!) We have tried the different flavours and still maintain that the plain milk chocolate is by far the best one. My son also loves chocolate and normally has half of the slab with me (which we eat in one sitting - its just that irristiable ) so i think im going to have to make sure my family bring me a few more slabs every time they go over...or just buy my own on this website!! thanks for making it possible to get Milka!!!

16.01.2013 21:16
I'm from Australia and discovered Milka on a trip to Austria/Germany 6 years ago. So so yummy!! Has a beautifully rich chocolate flavor with the creamiest texture. My absolute favourite!!

Scott B
11.02.2013 10:35
As a New Zealander this chocolate is so hard to come by, in fact you just can't get it in my home town. I first came across it when I travelled to Europe in 2009 and it is by far the best chocolate I have ever had, even coming across it again just recently, I can't even bear spend anything on other chocolate available here because it's by far no where near the taste of Milka (hence purchasing online of course!). When I first bought it in 2009 I remember walking into the shop, I was immediately greeted in English, they knew I was a tourist straight away! I really was a child in a candy shop and after much time a friend suggested Milka. I bought it home to the family and they all love it now, my older brother loves the traditional milk flavour whereas my mother's favourite is the hazelnut, whenever I go to purchase some new Milka I check with the family, because it's my fault they got onto the stuff and so now it's my duty to check with them to see if they want any!! I can't wait to get some more in the post!!

Rosie Waern
30.09.2013 11:41
My favourite chocolate in the whole world is Milka Alpine, it taste divine, it was a very sad day in my life when they stopped selling it at my local supermarket. As a girl who have chocolate cravings, there's no chocolate that can replace my beloved Milka.

21.01.2014 15:45
This is my favourite milka i love the milka favour

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