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Item:     Milka Chocolate Hazelnut 5x100g

9.54 €
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(7.10 £ - 10.90 $)

5x100g hazelnut chocolate from Milka.

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14 comment(s) found:

valentina tosoni
15.06.2012 00:20
cant live without milka

20.08.2012 10:03
will you ship milka to delhi, india?

17.09.2012 09:33
I first fell in love with this chocolate whilst traveling in Switzerland. It's never quite as fresh unless I order it directly.

thanuthra gunasena
24.01.2013 02:56
could you please please ship milka to penang, malaysia?

23.09.2013 05:04
Milka is the best chocolate ever !!

Mark Ruchie
04.01.2014 19:19
Milka Haselnuss is the BEST chocolate bar around!

20.01.2014 19:26
I can't find Milka Haselnut anywhere in Melbourne Austrlia. Makes me sad =(

05.06.2014 12:12
hi will you ship milka to sri lanka, colombo?

27.09.2014 09:28
Do you ship to New Zealand?

Briana Nash
04.10.2014 12:28
Hi i was just wondering how i would go about getting one of these shipped to new zealand and how much it would cost?

12.10.2014 22:39
Can you please ship to United States

14.03.2015 02:49
This chocolate is to die for especially the one with chopped hazelnuts.. Been buying them at Walmart and now they are not re ordering them... WHY? Milka should go international. Bought milka hazelnuts at CVS.

22.03.2015 20:41
Require milka chocolate caramel and other flavours in nairobi kenya. Advice

Lexie Ross
02.11.2016 17:18
Your web site if very confusing, you need to make it more understandable and easier to understand for American shoppers. I'm not interested in the ski stars and that's the first site we are taken to. I had to go to 6 different sites to get to the ordering. Is there a place to purchase these chocolates in Atlanta, Ga. Your site is too inconvenient.

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