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Item:     Puntigamer Beer

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alc. 5,1% vol.

Puntigamer is a beer from Styria. They call it "the beery beer".

Puntigamer has everything a good beer needs: it's worty, delicious, pleasant and simply good.

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Marcus Mahe
09.01.2013 14:57
This beer is simply the best. I often visit the Steiermark where this beer is brewed and it is the only beer I will drink whilst on my holidays visiting friends and family. I always wished it was more readily available in the uk. However this site makes it possible to get my favourite beer, I find no beer here in the UK can compete.

Larson Poole
22.08.2013 17:07
My name is Larson, and I live in southern California. My friend Jurgen is from Graz, and his favorite beer is Puntigamer. I am a beer lover, and am as such very knowledgeable about many beers- I even make my own. Imagine Jurgens' shock when he discovered I had never tasted, nor even heard of Puntigamer! He expressed remorse that none of his beloved Austrian beers were readily available here in the States, so I endeavored to help him out. While I was able to procure Gosser at a specialty shop, Puntigamer eluded me, so I took my search online. Now I realize that Puntigamer is not distributed here in southern California, and so orders online are really my only option to get this beer for him. Even so, I can understand the frustration that comes from not getting the beer that you actually want, and am willing to pay the premium for this beer. I am sure I will like it, having read the reviews, but at the very least it will be worth it to see Jurgens' face when he is holding a beer he hasn't tasted in over ten years.

Angela Pokorn
29.11.2013 23:16
My husband is from Graz, Austria, and Punitgamer is the local beer, as well as the sponsor of his favorite football team, Sturm Graz. He frequently opines the delicacies of home and tells all of our friends how great Austrian beer, especially Puntigamer is. We have been living in America for almost 10 year, so is is a real treat to get a taste of home. It is a real luxury to get to enjoy something as truly Austrian as Puntigamer beer. We have Puntigamer pint glasses at home, waiting to be filled. Our first date as teenagers was to a gasthaus in downtown Graz where we both drank Punitigamer. It will always hold a special place in our heart because of that. My husband actually order a Puntigamer beer mixed with Almdudler soda, which is a very Austrian (and very weird) thing to try sometime. I cannot recommend it, but it is an interesting experience. I am ordering this beer as well as a few other items for my husband to have this Christmas. He will be very excited to see what I came up with. Our friends and family will also be very excited to try what my husband has been raving about for years.

terry bullington
02.07.2015 19:40
I remember it was my opa's favorite beir!We used to buy it in Chicago but can not find it anymore in the states. wonder if the still export to the usa?

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