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Wiener Zuckerl

Delicious filled fruit candy. The art of candy manufacturing the Viennese way.

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William Richardson
22.09.2012 04:18
This candy was discovered by William Richardson in the summer of 2012 on a fabulous trip through the regions of Europe. Each day, William and his wife Christy would search the markets looking for the perfect fruit candy to enjoy by themselves, and to take home to their friends. After many attempts to locate the perfect fruit candy, the Wiener-Zuckerl candies were discovered. We opened the package as soon as we got back to the hotel, and we spent all night eating the delicious candy of our desires. Each individually wrapped sweet was a new adventure. My wife's particular favorite is the orange flavor bon-bon, as well as the pineapple. We sucked each candy until the soft filling was ready to erupt with flavor inside our mouths. The wrappers were also interesting and we saved each one to be wound into a wonderful colored necklace. No other candy that we discovered in Europe was able to fullfill our desires and meet our expectations such as the Wiener-Zuckel sweet candies. Now that we are back in the United States, we plan to share our discovery with everyone we know. We also think that the sweets will lead to many new friendships.

07.11.2012 05:02
We were introduced to these candies by our hotel in Vienna on a recent stay. They are so good! We would like to share this treat with our family in the US (and be able to enjoy it once again now that we're back home!), so I'm putting in an order with hopes it will be here in time for Christmas! Here's to many fond memories of our time in Austria. The Opera House, the Stadtgarten, the Danube, St Stephen's cathedral were all highlights of our visit there.

Bill Shepherd
30.01.2013 17:57
The hotel we stayed at in Vienna had these out at the check-in desk, so we grabbed a few for our walk through the city. They are delicious, and I can't find them anywhere in the States. What a great memory of our trip to Austria, and the wonderful Viennese people!

Suzanne Noland
06.02.2013 20:46
My grandmother was from Austria. She would bring these candies back with her from Austria. This was in the 1950's. We visited Austria in 2010 & I rediscovered them !

Bernadette Donley
05.03.2013 00:39
Last summer I visited Vienna and the hotel had this candy in the lobby. I was addicted to it. The soft center was so very flavorful I couldn't find them before I left the country but now found them on line. I am going to order 2bags and give them to my many friends I had many good food experiences on my trip but this candy is my most lasting memory. Each morning when we would begin our day we would get a handful of these candies to last us through the day. As we approached our final day, we started to wonder how we were going to survive without our daily candies. We did take a handful on our way to the airport and I looked for them at the airport but to no avail. I am going to surprise my friend with these candies on her birthday I hope that I am able to continue ordering them from now on. The trip was wonderful and I look forward to returning someday in the future. The chocolates were also memorable and I was able to bring some of them back home

Bernadette Donley
23.03.2013 04:35
I emailed you several months ago and wanted to find and buy wiener suckers candy. You sent me a number for the voucher and I can not find it would you please send it again. Also does this candy have a fruit filling I would like to buy 3or5 pounds. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I found a candy that was imported here in the USA that I thought was this candy and I was very disappointed It had a taffy filling. Thank you again. I really loved this candy

Shelly Duhamell
30.05.2013 04:14
My family is from Austria but I live in the U.S. Growing up, my Oma would give me this candy and it was one of my favorite. Many, many, happy memories!

Mary o
02.06.2013 21:18
We had these at our hotel in Vienna. They are delicious. Couldn't,t find them in town, but now have this website to order. Very pleased

Bill Sears
18.06.2013 16:48

16.07.2013 21:58
It RAINED through our stay in Vienna. My friend and I would return to our hotel well past midnight, having been wet all day for museums, tourism, dinner and evenings out. As we sat in the lobby of our hotel in the wee hours of the morning posting photos on Facebook, sobering up and enjoying the sweet amazing flavors of Wiener Zuckerl that were in a bowl on the front desk. They brought so much cheer in a tiny packet. I kept some in my pack and used them whenever we needed a pick up. The flavors are not the artificial tastes of American candy but sweet pure tastes. As we were preparing to leave Vienna I got a bag to bring home. Initially I had thought to bring more than one bag with me, but opted not to overload my suitcase. This was perhaps my biggest mistake. I should have bought 5 bags and shipped them home! On my first day back at the office I gave 2 to each member of my team. We're a big office so I had only 4 left when I got done. Those 4 have been as precious as gold to me. I just had a brief vacation to Vienna in my mind with the last of the grape flavor candies.

Martha B
12.01.2014 19:24
These little candies were a sweet treat we kept in our pockets as we spent long hours walking and touring the beautiful sights of Vienna. We brought some back for our friends who also loved them. I will be surprising my friends this Valentines day with little bags of these sweet treats.

09.10.2014 04:42
Best candies ever

John M
21.09.2015 00:23
We just returned from our wonderful trip to Vienna. I enjoyed so many things about Vienna; my personal favorite was the excellent little candies, Wiener Zuckerl. I tasted these first at our hotel and then filed my pocket for our trip home. Only one of the delicious candies was left by the time I returned home. They are delicious! I would like to buy them. Please tell me how to order. Many thanks! John

judith cassel-mamet
07.01.2016 00:28
how can I order these? wonderful taste of a great holiday week in Vienna

Luís Martins
21.07.2016 13:16
Great flavours this drops available at the hotel lobby. during my week stay in Vienna, last June.

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