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Medium Austrian Poidl

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Item:     Edelweiss Beer

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alc. 5,3% vol.
since 1475

Edelweiss Alpine Weissbier Hefetrüb

Is naturally cloudy, with a distinctive fruitiness and a light banana-nose. Refreshingly sparkling, this wheat-beer impresses by spicy flavours on the palate.

Best to enjoy with fish, vegetables, sea food, and mild cream cheese.


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16.08.2012 17:21

Hayley cooke
02.12.2012 20:24
My husband and I discovered this beer on holiday in the south of France and had a lush two weeks sitting in the sun drinking it. We were in a small town called port grimaud, and sat by the riverside every night with the family enjoying the slightly herby flavour of this beer? It will always reming me of what a great time we had on our holiday and make me think of sun, sea and beaches. It is absolutely delicious and brings back many fond memories for us. It's a shame it is not very easy to buy in England. We have has a tough year financially and a strict budget to keep to for buying Christmas presents for each other this year. I can't think of anything better than buying this beer - not only will he really enjoy drinking it but it will bring back so many great memories and he will also realise that I have gone to that extra trouble to find it for him. I can't think of a better Christmas present. I can't wait to sit on Christmas evening after the kids have gone to bed drinking our lovely edelweiss beer. The best.

31.05.2013 18:02
My husband discovered this beer last year when we had a holiday to Vienna to visit the world famous christmas markets. I have been trying to find it ever since with no luck, and I have just came across your website! I will be placing my order ASAP!

Charlotte Smith
02.07.2013 22:40
Edelweiss is my boyfriend's favourite beer and every time we find ourselves in Austria or Germany he goes on the hunt to find some of this amazing beer. I was thrilled to find this website as we have tried a few times to track down Edelweiss in the UK, but had no luck. Cheers!

10.12.2013 00:25
just got back from a weekend trip to lille Christmas market with six friends perfect weekend was had by all complemented by the fact that whilst the lads were doing a bit of exploring while the ladies shopped we found a great little bar tucked away in a quiet side street . as is the custom with any of our trips away from London we always make it a habit to ask a local bar man what he could recommend as a good drink....well jaques had no hesitatin in pouring us three pints of edelweiss he was quick to point out that it was not French but much better than any of the local beers this seemed to be proven by the fact that the 10 locals in the bar were all drinking it and quickly made us feel welcome.....after that first mouthful we were all hooked and it was only a phone call from the ladies that got us to leave the bar , only to return in the evening with the ladies in order that they could sample this great new beer we had found on our travels ..they like us thought it was great with a wonderful taste .back in the uk and the first task was to see where we could buy some beer in time for christmas

Myra Fossey
20.03.2014 22:07
Do you deliver to Jersey? Discovered Edelweiss Beer whilst on holiday in France and looking fir a supplier. Many thanks, Myra.

11.06.2014 19:31
I've tried hundreds of beers from around the world, and for my palate, this beer is *The One*. While I agree with the pairings listed above, this beer is outstanding with anything, or if you simply want beer(s). The taste never gets heavy, even after several. While a hefe, the flavor and mouthfeel remain quite distinct and refreshing. One of these makes you want another... and another... and.....

Deborah Anne Lewis
16.06.2014 21:26
I have a customer looking for the Edelweiss beer....can I get it for him in Florida?

28.09.2015 15:00
Most delicious beer

Todd Anderson
08.02.2016 21:22
Where can I buy edelweiss beer in the US.?

02.04.2016 02:27
If I order Edelweiss beer, Can you sent to australia?

JoBeth Thompson
03.11.2016 23:01
My husband love edelweiss beer. We can't find it in the US. IS it available in the US and if so where? If nit, can you ship to US?

Dan Munford
18.12.2016 19:43
Do you sell the alcohol free variety of this excellent beer?

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