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For over 120 years, Hofbauer has been inextricably linked with the finest confectionery and the city of Vienna.

Those Mozart chocolates are one of the most traditional products from Hofbauer.


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Stephanie Southard
28.09.2012 21:41
A friend introduced me to this chocolate/marzipan deliciousness and I've been hooked ever since.

Susan Badgett
29.09.2012 18:15
We are buying Mozartkugeln as a birthday present for a neighbor who was born in Salzburg. I have tried Mozartkuglen and they are delicious!

Mona Khalil
07.10.2012 22:36
I had been to Salzburg 4 years ago with my husband and kids. I tried Mozartkugeln and loved it as well as my kids. We always had it for the road. Though we spent a short time at that time in Salzburg, it was enough to understand that this was the real taste of high quality. chocolate I brought 3 boxes to take with me back to my home country Egypt .I gave a box to my mama, She liked it so much as it is exactly her taste of that smoothie soft high quality choclate she loves. Since then she's been waiting for my next visit to Austria to bring her some more. The second box I gave to my father in law who adored chocolate . He loved it so much but it's a pity I can't get him more as he passed away. The last box I kept for my family and friends who visited me. My dream of returning back to Austria is going to be true very soon Vienna I am coming on Nov. 02 and I hope I could see more of you and enjoy my favourite chocolate which we don't get in Egypt. I 'll make sure to bring some with me back to my home country Egypt.

12.11.2012 10:29

Helen Marsh
12.11.2012 22:55
My grandma was born in Vienna and we spent many summer holidays with my great grandparents in Vienna - I remember Mozart kugeln as one of teh iconic things associated with Vienna -they are delicious!

Marc Pencil
15.11.2012 21:10

Eileen Charanley
17.11.2012 10:41
I first tasted Mozart klugen when I visited Salzburg with my husband - a huge Mozart music fan. My father-in-law adores these, and I always buy them for his birthday/chirstmas. They are eaten with relish!!

Inger Moore Højer
10.12.2012 15:02
I am from Denmark. I visited Salzburg some years back, I was there i relation with my work. My company office were very close to an aoulet shop with all kinds of Mozart chocolate. The last day we were there we visited the shop, and wauw... this was the real thing. I bought so much chocolate and filled up every empty space in my suitcase. Flying home I lost my suitcase, and I wa really worried that I lost my precious Mozart chocolate - but I was lucky, my suitcase showed up a week later and I could give the chocolate presents to my children and family, and last but not least - eat some more myself :) I am telling everybody who wants to listen about this experience I had back then. Mozart chocolate is still one of my favorites and it is worth paying a little extra to get this delicious taste. And I am dreaming of going back to Salzburg some day, to see more of this beauteful city (not just work) and see if the shop is still there, and fill up my suitcase once more :) I may actually be going this summer with some friends, that will be so great :)

André KObesnen
21.12.2012 01:05

maria nauman
02.03.2013 20:11
I don't like chocolate, but when I was in Austria in the mid-1970s, I tried some chocolate candy in Salzburg and loved it. Fast forward a few years and lo and behold! The candies were being sold in gourmet shops and they were referred to as Mozart Balls. Then, they disappeared. I couldn't find them anywhere. It's nice to see that thanks to the Internet, one can get them again. They're addictively delicious!

13.11.2013 16:14
I'm from Russia. It is very hardly to find this chocolate in our country, but i'm crazy about it! It is the best chocolate i have ever tasted/

23.11.2013 02:04
I studied in Germany and austria when I was in college. I spent 6 months in Vienna. Not only did I fall in love with this beautiful city, I fell in love with Mozart Kugeln. I am from the United States and chocolate is just not the same. The Mozart Kugeln I prefer are the ones in the blue wrapper. I am not sure the difference between the chocolate that is wrapped in the red or blue wrapper I only know the ones wrapped in blue are my favorite chocolate of all time. My fondest memory of Mozart Kugeln occurred on December 6th. I was about to return to the US and my host mom surprised me with an amazing St. Nicklaustag gift. A huge container of Mozart Kugeln. I am sure there was another gift as well, but what I remember was the Mozartkugeln. I shared some with my family when I got home and gave one to a friend before I left Vienna, but most of this delectable chocolate was savored by me. Mozartkugeln are chocolate perfection!

30.12.2013 11:41
I love too much those chocolates,I had the opportunity to taste them by chance and i want very much to offer them to my family.

30.12.2013 11:43
I love too much those chocolates,I had the opportunity to taste them by chance and i want very much to offer them to my family and friends. i am from france.

Maria Luisa
02.11.2014 22:25

cesar alvares
19.05.2015 19:25
Good Morning, please send quotation or costs Mozart Chocolates 10,000 units, the import is for Colombia. it is only the first purchase, hope your best. We are looking forward to your response.

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