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Austrian Emperor

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Item:     Blaschke Kokoskuppel

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The original Blaschke Kokoskuppel was invented in the year 1921. A wonderful composition of crispy waffles, finest cacao creme and light cocos dipped in chocolate.

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03.06.2012 14:29
Hallo ich bin ain Hollander, und ich wil sehr gerne Kokos kuppel bekommen, ist das moglich ?? und wie fiel muss ich bestellen, das kokos kuppel ist uns sehr gut gefallen, in Oostenrijk hartlichen GruB Bert van den Top aus Holland

Donna Blaschke Grant
01.09.2013 04:46
I would love to have this shipped to me, is that possible. My great-grandfather came to USA in 1880s from Austria....Anton.

15.10.2014 03:31
My grandparents are from Austria and their last name is Blaschke. They helped make these.

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