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Item:     Mozart Medals 48pcs

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48 pieces of milk chocolate medals filled with praline paste (38%) and marzipan (11%).


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Kyril Magg
04.11.2012 03:34
My parents were Austrian as well as being professional musicians. I was a symphony flutist and college professor of music for 44 years, and while the infinite variety of music has incomparably enriched my life, I must admit the my very favorite composer is Mozart. What a joy it is, then, to revisit Austria so many times, knowing that an added treat will be the ready availability of my favorite sweet, the Mozarttaler. Whether it is enjoying the musical and architectural inspirations of Vienna, attending the Salzburg Festival, visiting the 400 year old inn that has been a family home for over 100 years in Grundlsee while hiking around the beautiful lakes of the Salzkammergut, ascending the magnificent peaks of the Oetztal and the Stubaital near Innsbruck, or any of the countless other pleasures that always await me upon returning to my ancestral Heimat, I always can look forward to the very special reawakening of the pleasures of a Mozarttaler. There are always myriad bags and boxes of this treat that return to the United States with me after any visit, but no matter how many I bring with me it never seems to be enough. So it is a great thrill to discover that the Austriashop website no longer makes it necessary to wait until my next visit abroad to restock my supply. My gratitude for your service!

07.12.2012 23:15
Discovered these many years ago on a holday with my parents as a teenager. Mum adored them and by the end of the holiday so did I. Years later I took my own family to Salzburg and they too fell for the charms of the city as well as its chocolates, particularly the silver wrapped mozartkugeln . We were fortunately staying in beautiful St Gilgen so stocked up everyone's suitcase with the silver treasure. We were very reluctant to share with anyone, even family and friends as we knew we wouldn't be able to get them at home. We then found Mozarttaler in a specialist shop in York and treated ourselves. Memories of evenings spent in the square in St Gilgen came to life and out came the photos. It may be many years before we can return to Austria but thanks to the internet and discovering your site, we can still enjoy chocolate mozarts as we call them. My daughter is studying German and has just discovered her language tutor was born is Salzburg! He goes home at Christmas and we've given him a shopping list. In the meantime your site can provide our Christmas after dinner treats. Happy memories.

14.05.2013 22:52
estan bien caros sus chocolates a pero que ricos saben

Craig McMullen
22.05.2013 18:14
I work in a lab and my boss is Austrian. He left the lab for 3 weeks and came back with these chocolates. I am not a big chocolate and/or sweets fan but these are the best chocolates I have ever had in my life! They melt in your mouth and are absolutely scrumptious. I would recommend these chocolates to anyone and everyone because like I said I am not a big sweets fan but these definitely have me hooked. I am purchasing these and sharing them with everyone in my family. Everyone in our lab loves the chocolates and everyone is asking where our boss got them. My lab partner and I finally decided to get online to see if we could find them since they literally lasted a few days in the lab. We are very excited that we finally found them!! If we were unable to find the chocolates online we would have considered taking a trip to Austria just to get these chocolates. Okay, that may be a stretch but trust me these chocolates are prime time and will rock your world. For anyone traveling to Austria I would stock on them or even buy in bulk online because that is what we are about to do! Good eats.

06.07.2013 03:16
I am originally from Austria and Mozarttaler remind me of home. I have left over 13 years ago and sometimes my family sends me a care package with things from home...usually they contain Mozarttaler and I always feel like I am home for a moment when I bite into my first one.

Popoy Fulgueras
06.11.2013 07:02
It's been 25 years when I was last introduced to this fine tasting chocolate. My boss went to a European trip and included in his itinerary was Vienna. He enjoyed the sights, the architecture, the beautiful people. But one thing that struck him the most and will forever remind him of Vienna was this cute, gold -wrapped nuggets of chocolate with Mozart's image on it.To him, they tasted like no other chocolates even far superior than the different brands that claim to be the best. So he horded a lot of them in his carry-on luggage as well as his checked-in luggage for stock and gifts to his family, officemates and friends. The US customs was in awe and wonderment what this person was up to with this horde of Mozart chocolates. He got through customs and the good part came, he passed on the blessings and experience of Vienna to us. Having a sweet tooth myself and a certified chocolate addict, I fell in love with it and being a Mozart fan, I saved the beautiful wrappers and even wrapped it around the unused lid of Gallon water containers. They looked like themozart chocolates but of course without the chocolates.

06.11.2013 20:37

13.12.2013 16:36
Mom and I went to Germany and Austria for the Passion Plays in 2000. One of our stops was Salzburg. I love Mozart's music, and so we went to see his house in the square, and right across the way also in the square was the originator of the Mozartkugeln! I believe it was for his 100th birthday celebration (he was no longer alive, of course), they created the Mozartkugel. I've bought them at Christmastime every year since.

Fab Zanuttigh
17.12.2013 04:48
I was just wonadering if you post items all the way to Australia and if, how are the chocolates packaged for posting? Looking forward to your reply.

17.06.2014 04:47
A trip to Austria was a dream come true. I love Salzburg & Vienna, Music and mountains, absolutely beautiful. I was shocked to find beautiful white flowers Elderweiss & Mozart chocolate at Salzburg. I study music piano and this gift Mozart Chocolate will be a great present for my 'BEST' music teacher. Chocolates! Yummy! Thank you! Austria, Your country is so... so... beautiful........

Susana Bermudez
24.10.2014 06:18
Do you know if the Mozarttaler has gluten or if they are gluten free? Thanks.

Ademar Pickler
18.11.2014 02:25
Este foi simplesmente o melhor chocolate que ja provei, simplesmente magnifico. vou tentar importar para o Brasil.

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