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Item:     Nannerl Liqueur Apricot

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Exquisite apricot liqueur in a violine shaped bottle.

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17.12.2012 04:24
Can you ship your Nannerl Liqueur Apricot violin bottle to the United States? I live in Pennsylvania and would like to order one. Thank you.

David Fletcher
30.12.2012 19:54
Like many schoolchildren, I too was a passing piano student. And like many amateur pianists, I had a passing understanding of Mozart the composer, and was aware of his sister, the beloved Nannerl. Yet, for all of that worldliness, I was frightfully unaware of the exquisit liqueur that was and is manufactured under her name. And so, it was a great surprise to make Nannerl's acquaintance at a wonderful shop in Salzburg back in 2002. Needless to say, we've become fast friends. Perhaps the most brilliant characteristic of Nannerl liqueur is its subtlety. The apricot essence is pungently caught in a way that makes Nannerl not only desirable as either a pre-dinner cordial or an after-dinner digestif, but also as a wonderful ingredient for cooking all sorts of sauces, fruit fillings, and glazes. A touch of Nannerl can add that certain je-ne-sais-quoi to delicate meat dishes, or perhaps to poached pears, apples, or apricots. In other words, its only limits are those of your imagination as the head chef or host of your next dinner party! For most, though, the soft touch of Nannerl is most often experienced as a golden ounce or two in a lovely crystal glass, surrounded by friends. That's how we share it at our house. When the occasion calls for something special, it calls for Nannerl!

Arlene Joyce
04.09.2013 07:42
I purchased two of these in Vienna as gifts. The apricot liqueur is delicious. I would like to purchase a larger bottle, but I have not located any for sale in Northern California. I would like to order more. Can they be shipped to the US? Do you sell this liqueur in large bottles or only in the violin shaped bottles?

Barbara Goldberg
30.10.2013 05:29
I too purchased the violin bottle in Durnstein and live in Northern California and would love to purchase more. It was/is really delicious.

Tom Souter
08.01.2014 22:20
Great tasting liqueur - very smooth, the apricot flavor is not overly sweet or sugary. My wife really likes it because it does do burn her throat going down. Wish we had bought more when we were in Salzburg.

23.11.2014 21:33
I would like to purchase two .5 liter violin bottles of apricot. Are they available to ship to new jersey?

Bob Simon
28.12.2014 01:42
Just one more Northern Californian who would like a large bottle of the apricot somewhat closer than Vienna. Will settle for several smaller ones, as I've made mine into a bud vase.

Norman Beard
31.12.2014 22:10
Wonderful Nannerl Apricot liqueur! We had some in Durnstein while on a riverboat tour, and purchased a small bottle to take home, We live in Delaware, USA. Can we receive shipments in either Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia, USA?

Jim White
03.01.2016 20:37
Can Nannerl Apricot liqueur be shipped to New Jersey USA?

R .Ferrao
19.01.2017 09:51
Words cannot express how great tasting this liqueur is . it just reminds me of Vienna everytime I drink it . thoroughly enjoyed it

17.05.2017 18:40
I have 15 years old nannerl liqueur boxed ....what should I do with it?????

Renate Girardi
19.07.2017 01:28
Purchased the kirsch liquere in Vienna would like to buy more. Does it come in bigger bigger bottles and where can I purchase it. I live in Ohio.

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