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Item:     Milka Toffee Nut 270g

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Alpine Milk Chocolate with a milk cream filling and caramel taste.

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Sarah Tucker
15.10.2012 22:11
My family and I recently traveled through Europe and had a excellent time. While in Spain, we purchased some Milka chocolate. This has been the BEST chocolate I have ever tried. It was so delicious that I bought several chocolate bars to bring back to the USA. I gave chocolate bars to several members of our family in America. Each and every family member said that they thought it was the best chocolate they have ever had. I bought the milk chocolate with the toffee, caramel and cream and hazelnut. The candy bars are very large, but each person said they would love one for themselves to eat all alone. I have had many exceptional chocolates and truffles before, but this has been the best. I went online to research where to buy this amazing chocolate because it is hard not to have it stocked in our home. We all exercise and maintain and healthy weight, but agreed to save our extra calories for the milka chocolate candy bars. We enjoyed so many wonderful sweets throughout England, France and Spain but this milka chocolate is very special. I am grateful to have found this website and I am looking forward to eating lots of Milka choclate in the future!!!

Linda Pack
21.10.2012 08:05
When traveling from Ireland to Scotland, I found these Milka bars on sale on the ferry. I bought four of them, and didn't taste them until after we were off the ferry. Oh, how I wish I had tasted them while they were still available to me! They are so YUMMY! After that, I looked for them everywhere we went as we finished our holiday in Scotland. I didn't find them until we were leaving Scotland, and they were in the duty free shop in the airport. Of course, the price there was twice what it was on the ferry from Ireland to Scotland. However, I bought four more bars there, so that my children could taste them. They, too, fell in love with the Milka chocolate - especially the ganz haslnuss caramel bar. The best ever, We are having a hard time finding the bars - I'm hoping that this site works out and that I will be able to buy bars for the family for special occasions. Milka is the best! Why on Earth can't we buy them in Canada? Seems odd that they are made by Kraft but we can't find them here.

16.01.2013 21:21
We discovered this flavour on our most recent trip to Germany, at Frankfurt airport. The bar did not last long - what an amazing flavour!! Delicious, gooey caramel along with my favourite hazelnuts - this flavour is a winner, all bundled together with Milka's legendary rich and creamy milk chocolate. Yuuuuuummmmm!!!

19.06.2013 14:39
I recently come back from Greece and have found this at the airport. I thought I was about to have a heart attack as I haven't had this in such a long long time. I am a huge lover of milka chocolate and can't get it in my country. I wish that I could purchase it here as its my favourite as have traveled to many other destinations and cannot find it. This by far the best milka bar chocolate. I do enjoy the strawberry but the hazelnut filling and the nut in the centre surrounded by caramel is Divine. I am so pleased I have found this web page so that I can purchase in bulk. Yum yum yum! :)

lyn smith
03.12.2013 19:34
i purchased three big bars of this chocolate from duty free airport in corfu. I must say it is the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. will be getting some again for my daughter for Christmas.

19.01.2016 23:46
Would like very much to order some of your amazing chocolates! I purchased some at the air port in Dubai the Milka toffee caramel nut chocolate and absolutely love it! Can't seem to find them anywhere so I would very much like to be able some.

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