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Big Austrian Seppl

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Item:     Sissi Chocolates

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Sissi Kugeln

Viennese Sissi Chocolates from Hofbauer.

Finest Viennese chocolate speciality of noblest almond marzipan with tender apricot flavour and a core of tender melting hazelnut nougat cream covered with the finest Hofbauer chocolate.

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Gerry Mansfield
23.04.2013 22:34
So pleased to have found this site! Just back from Austria and have run out of chocolate....need supplies....can't wait!!

Wendy Leigh
20.05.2013 17:26
A friend brought these back from a recent visit to Austria. They are THE best candy I've ever had.. ORdering more for her birthday....thank you.

20.07.2013 06:41
I am interested in preferably Pistacio Marzipan or Almond Marzipan covered with Milk chocolate.NOT DARK.

Jose Juaneza
26.07.2013 04:33
Bitte packen Sie die Bonbons gut ein, damit die Hitze sie nicht schmelzen.

Conrad Kisch
10.08.2013 19:47

james spaulding
24.09.2013 05:42
first day trip i did when i arrived in europe from munich germany. went to factory thought it was the best chocolate ive tasted. much fresher not as surgury as american and its just over all quality AMAZING

james spaulding
24.09.2013 05:48
amazing firstchocolate i tried in europe better than any american chocolate by far its healthier fresher and just much better overall best around

Tracy Dale
17.02.2014 03:35
The best chocolates & pralines HEINDL!!! Were can I get in California or Canada?

Mary Cooper
18.06.2014 02:56
Please notify me by email when Sissi Kugeln is available again. It is absolutely my favorite candy.

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