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Medium Austrian Poidl

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Item:     Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

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Herb Liqueur;
1 Bottle, 0,7l
alc 27% vol;
In olden times the alcoholic preperation of herbs, roots, seeds and fruits was highly regarded. The first records of recipes of bitters date back to 1050 A.D. Even then the beneficial effect of herbs was recognised. "Gurktaler Alpenkräuter" is produced from 59 herbs, roots, seeds and fruits. It owes its delicate tangy taste to the balanced combination of selected herbs.

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Clarence Oetken
30.12.2012 00:47
I am 98 yrs. old and remember always having this in our home. Would love to Just see it again. Remember having to take it when we had any medical problem. What does it cost in Dollars?

Stephen Henry
07.02.2013 08:46
My mother, now 88 years old, and German, remembers using this as a child for medicine. Judging by her age and health, I dare say this is good stuff. I would very much like to have a bottle sent to Arizona, USA.

Anne Clarke
10.03.2013 05:50
Great product

Carole K
19.04.2013 01:58
I picked up Gurktaler on a trip through Austria and love it! Had to find out how I could get it back to Minnesata (USA) and am happy to have found it here! Much thanks!

Jake Martens
22.05.2013 03:13
I just want to mention that my father was never without his Gurktaler Alpenkrauter. If he had any health issues at all, he would always reach for his bottle of Alpenkrauter. By the way, he lived to be two weeks past 100. That is why am trying to get some for my wife and myself. We are both in our mid 80's, and doing not too bad. Maybe do even better with some Alpenkrauter. Jake

14.10.2013 06:00
Picked up a bottle while living in Bavaria. Where can I get some in Pennsylvania. It is a great Austrian secret!

Erwin Saedler
08.05.2014 22:22
Ich lebe in Caifornia un meinen Mutter hat das zu mehr gegeben wenn eine kinf warh

Erwin Saedler
08.05.2014 22:33
Wunderbar pruduct

Dr. Pierantonio Braggio
26.06.2014 11:26
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, anlaessdlich jeder Oesterreichreise kaufe ich verschiedene Flaschen von Gurktaler. Nun moeche ich wissen, ob man die entsprechende Fabrik in Gurk besuchen darf. Vielleicht koennen Sioe mir dabei behilflich sein. Mit bestem Gruss aus Verona. Dr. Pierantonio Braggio

Dale Rembold
12.03.2015 05:08
I grew up in a German home USA with Alpenkrauter Dr. Peter Fahrney and Sons Company on the shelf. Am wondering on similar it is.

Maria Gajewska-Kaminska
31.03.2015 21:53
Proszę o informacje gdzie można kupic ,GURKTALER DER MILDE ALPENKRAUTER w Polsce.Konkretnie w BIELSKU-BIALEJ lub TYCHACH czy KATOWICACH.dziekuje,Maria

gloria andrus
11.04.2015 22:29
Where and how can I purchase Gurktaler? I live in North Carolina in the USA. This is a product that I love and have had it while visiting in Germany and Austria. Would like to know the price to have some sent to me. Thank you, gloria

17.08.2016 22:17
I can pick up max.10 bottles of this Gurktaler from Austria to Wroclaw (Poland). Mogę przywieźć po drodze z Austrii max.10 butelek tego trunku do Wrocławia. Simon232@interia

07.09.2017 08:57
I bought a bottle when in Europe for my husband who was unwell at the time and was very impressed with it. We live in Australia and wondering if the product is available on line?

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