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Traditional Austrian Cake

This traditional Austrian Cake, the Linzer Torte, has already been delivered during the Biedermeier period (1815-48) to a lot of various countries. This cake is a fame, well known in Europe, and perhaps in the whole world. It makes that the name of the city Linz is spoken in a sympathetic consideration with expressed comfort and pleasure.

In the year 1822 Johann Konrad Vogel (1796 - 1883) immigrated from Ansbach (Bavaria) to the Austrian city Linz, and started the mass production and the world wide delivery of the cake. But that does not make him to it's creator.

Already the princely cook from Salzburg "Conrad Hagger" describes in his cookery book in 1719 a special cake with sweet and good "Linzer Dough", and he may have relied thereby on older handwritten sources. In the Biedermeier period the popularity of this cake increased rapidly.

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19.07.2012 23:49
I wuld like to know if you can ship to Brazil? I'd love to buy your products

Marshall Foster
25.11.2012 01:21
This is a gift

Stefan Zweig
09.12.2012 19:14
Do you ship to New York? I'd like to send a linnzertorte to a friend.

betty cleland
23.10.2013 18:02
I would like to order 5 Linzer tortes. Can you help me?

ahmed almatari
03.12.2013 00:30
please send me more information about your products including Pack Carton,price, i would like to ship to Yemen?i'd love to buy your products

Walmor de mellow
23.07.2014 00:44
Please let me know how I can. Get your tarte in San Juan puerto rico

paul simonyi
22.04.2015 05:21
Do you ship to the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area.

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