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Item:     Ildefonso 80pcs

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Ildefonso is an Austrian speciality with an unchanged recipe since 1880. Seven layers of dark and light nougat, selected hazelnuts, and a delicious chocolate covering are the secrets of this unique composition.

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29.11.2012 00:24
My mother is from Austria, and we used to get these sent to us at Christmas from her cousin. I remember these from 50 years ago as being the most amazing chocolates! I can't believe they are still being made AND that I remembered the name from my childhood. I plan to order some as a surprise for this Christmas. Everyone will be very surprised.

Avram Schreiber
04.09.2015 17:52
I live in New York City. I want to order IlDifonso candies. I ordered in Sept 2008 with order no 2233. Please let me know how I can place an order and have it delivered to New york. Thank you

24.10.2015 08:28
My father was from Austria, and these chocolates are not available in the States. A few years ago I found your site and ordered 4 boxes of Ildefonso for his birthday. The look on his face when he opened it was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you!

16.09.2016 11:13
Delicious !!!

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