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Item:     Milka Chocolate Happy Cow

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100g Milka Chocolate Happy Cow

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emelie s
02.08.2012 00:00
i just love being in austria because the chocolate is so delicious and i just love it . I have so many great memories being in austria eating delicios milka chocolate , walking in the mountains and drinking almdudler in the cottages. Its so sad that i havent been in austria in two years now and i kind of miss it even with the fact i then thougt it was tough walking in the mountains. Ps this online store is a great way to get some of my memories back when heres so many favourites from austria that i just love so much

Shanti M
11.03.2013 04:21
had some in nepal a while ago and i loved it so much. i really want some again haha

16.08.2013 02:00
this is the best chocolate ever! love milka! :)

17.02.2014 20:03
I absolutely love Milka chocolate and especially this flavor, because it is the first one I ever tasted from Milka. My godfather is German and every time I got gifts from him and his wife, it was always something special and exciting. One time I got a cow shaped, funny looking Alpine milk chocolate bar that was filled with milk cream. It was heavenly; I have never ever in my life tasted anything like that. It was like symphony to my taste buds, so sweet and so fulfilling! I remember I used to carefully save that cow shaped chocolate bar for a long time, because I did not want the amazing experience to come to an end. I always thought that when I finish that chocolate bar, I can always ask for my godfather to bring me another one. But unfortunately my godfather does not live in Germany anymore and I live in a country where they do not sell a lot of Milka chocolate bars, so I have been searching and searching for the perfect place to buy these Milka chocolate bars, especially the Alpine milk chocolate bar. This website is a savior for me, because finally I can purchase my favourite chocolate bars whenever I feel like it!

Helen O
09.01.2015 19:26
Great tasting chocolate some time it is hard to source in cavan Ireland. Like more information on the shops that stock it in Ireland.

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