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The famous Alpine Herbal Beverage is already a bit of cultural asset. Behind Coca Cola, Almdudler is the second most popular soft drink in Austria. Almdudler with it's refreshing herbal taste, makes Austria happy since 1957!

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Mandi Chermak
20.07.2012 08:51
I went to Europe on a People to People trip and we went to Austria for one part of our trip. Our tour guide was from Austria. When we all got to Europe (we started in Frace) he introduced us to this amazing thing call Almdudler! Everyone of us on the trip absolutly loved it!!!! We almost couldn't go a sigle trip, or bus ride with out being fully stocked with Almdudler! Now that we are all back in the states we miss Almdudler so much...and with a 10 Euro Voucher I can buy a few!!! And that would be amazing. My most memorable Almdudler moment was when I was at school in Austria with my Host sister (we had a home stay in Austria and were able to live with a local family and we went to school with them and everything) and when I was at school I was talking to some of my Host Sister's friends and they asked me what my favorite thing about Austria was, and I replied, Almdudler!! They couldn't believe that I knew what Almdudler was and as soon as school was over we all went into town and bought Almdudler and just sat down and drank it as I sat with my new Austrian friends!

alan baker
26.07.2012 15:59

vikas thapar
21.08.2012 11:49
Went to austria ona vaccation, my son's friend told jim to have alam dudler, wee had it ,its an amazing drink, we carried some wid us to dubai, now want more, just can't live without alamdudler.

15.12.2012 15:42
I have never heard of or tried the Almdudler before, the first time I came across with this very famous brand is from my friend. It was a really difficult task for me to think of what to buy as Christmas for my friend this year, i was so upset as Christmas day is only 1 week after. But at a really random occasion, I found out that my friend loves this brand Almdudler very much!! However you cannot find any in our country and nowhere to buy it. Luckily, after some research, I discovered that it could be ordered online, I was so happy and excited! I ordered it and my friend really loved it and surprised that I could get it here. Since I have also bought myself some Almdudler to try it, I love it so much as well. This is the reason why I am coming back and order more Almdudler again! I want to give it to my friend again this year and let more friends know about this brand and drink. I really hope one day we can buy it here, and no need to wait for the shipping after ordered online! But still, it is so good and definitely worths the wait!!

Allyse Simard
18.12.2012 12:00
I went to the very southern part of Germany near Lindenberg on an exchange last June. While I was there some friends and I went to a bar and we were we looking at the menu deciding what to get. We saw Almdudler on the menu and didn't know what it was so we asked our German friends to explain it to us. They told us it was a spiced carbonated drink but couldn't really tell us more. We eventually decided to try it. (We weren't allowed to drink alcohol so we had to choose something nonalcoholic.) I loved it and drank it several more times while in Germany and Austria! I bought it every chance I got and I would have got it more if I could have! I have tried to explain it to my parents and friends but have not been able to very well. I hope I will be able to buy some and enjoy it here in America! I wish there was somewhere to buy it in America! I know it will remind me of my trip to Germany which I miss very much!! I am glad I found out about Almdudler and that I can get it on this website!

03.03.2013 21:43
I love Almdudler!! I have loved it since I first tasted it in Zell am Ziller about 12 years ago!! My brother and I, from Ireland, joined our German friends for a skiiing trip and they introduced us to both the fun (and pain!) of skiiing, and the joys of Almdudler!! I skiied with them again the following year but my brother didn't join us. I made sure to bring him home some Almdudler from that trip. My brother lives in New York now but is coming home to Ireland to visit soon, along with his wife and four kids! They have never known the joys of Almdudler and I am hoping to surprise him with this purchase on your website! Hopefully it will remind my brother of fun times in Austria, of wurst in soup, of Jager-tea, and of our youthful bravery on the black slopes!! I have told my husband how fantastic Almdudler is too and we have often bought slightly strange looking lemonades in the hopes that they might taste like Almdudler... but nothing is the same. Nothing except real Almdudler! I cannot wait to taste its fizzy, slightly spicey goodness! I am so happy I found this site!

18.01.2014 10:44
Wauw Almdudlee is really my alltime favourite drink! I drink it since iI was a little kid. In Westendorf actually. I like it so much more then Spezi, jagermeisfer and all the other drinks. Only in the holiday week I drink at least 4 bottles when I am at the appartment! And then when I am skiing also at every stop we make. you can call me an almdudler addict for sure haha. My family brings it right back at home for me when they are in Austria. Only 4 bottles :( i need more of them! My boyfriend doesn't like it so i can drink it on my own! Happy Me dancing :) I even stole the glass bottles when I was younger because I liked them so much! I have them still somewhere in my bedroom. So I think it is really awesome that you sell that super great and tasty drink because I can't find it anywhere here in the Netherlands. Thank you so much for selling it Austrianshop! Last but not least . I really love this Austrian drink so much.

Joan de Santiago
19.12.2014 08:02
Can you send me my future order to Lleida (Spain)? Thanks!

Martin Gruber
08.08.2017 20:45

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