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Item:     Zipfer Beer Urtyp

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alc. 5.4% vol.
Since 1858

One of the best beers in Austria!
Zipfer Urtyp has one of the highest quality with a refreshing, finely hopped flavour. The foundation of the Zipfer brewing recipe is formed by carefully selected hops from the finest garden regions, in combination with outstanding malt. The experienced touch of the master brewer and a slow maturation process then gently turn this beer into the slimline, lightly hopped Zipfer Original.

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Randall Bosse
19.07.2012 14:31
My 19 year old son and I traveled from North Carolina in US this summer to Patsch (Innsbruck) AE for a hiking trip. After our first hike up the mountain ending at Patscher Alm (1700m), we were met by three very nice local gentlemen who introduced us to Zipfer Urtyp. We were needing perhaps water, but after a tall glass of cold Zipfer....we were hooked! Checking now how we can purchase it in US?

09.01.2013 01:04
I had my first Zipfer in Austria in one of the Restaurants.

21.01.2013 17:34
Randall, I'm from Michigan. I also visted Innsbruck and got hooked on Zipfer. Any luck in obtaining some in the US? If so, care to share how you did it?

Tony Kuliha
15.06.2013 04:32
I have had this beer in Austria many times. It is one of my favorites. I can't wait to go back and see family and have one. Cheers

Lou Lachapelle
26.03.2014 23:42
I had my first zipper US! Bad m in 70s. When attending school in Boston I found six pack at liquid. Store across from mass gen. Haven,t seen it since. I always said it was the best beer I ever had.

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