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Item:     Gosser Beer

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since 1860;
alc. 5,2% vol;

The famous brewery from Styria claims to have Austria's finest beer.

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Hamlet babakhanian
09.10.2012 06:33
I was drink that gosser beer from 1996 when i was in Austria .i wish i drink again.i can't find in USA

23.11.2012 13:45
this beer is one of the best beer in the world... at the same time its light it has a delicious malte taste that is just amazing.. for those who appreciate a good beer i so recommend this one.. it is so worth to give it a try... Once you drink it you will want it more and more... even my friends from brazil liked it when i brought them this beer to try

06.06.2013 05:57
I first discovered Gosser beer in Budapest in the summer of 2011 at the Budapest Beer Festival which was held up at the Palace. It was an amazing non-tourist experience. I have been trying to find in the USA but very hard. So I will order through your company and pay the high price to ship into the US as it is hands down THE best beer I have ever drank. Leinenkugals has something called a Summer Shandy but it is not near as good as Gosser's lemon beer. The beer reminds of a summer nights and listening to bands since in Hungarian and the smell of grilled meats and all the fun of the different languages at the Festival. And just talking to other people who wanted to know things about the US. The trip to Budapest was one of my favorite travel experiences. Loved that city and drank Gosser whenever we were out as soon as we first discovered it at the festival. It is really the true drink of summer and captures the essence of an easy drinking beer not heavy at all. Now if you can only find out how to get me Chio Stickletti Sajtos cheese stick snack crackers in the US, I would kiss you!

Herbert Budig
24.07.2013 16:06
I am interested in purchasing a Gosser Beer glass. Was recently in Canada where I tried to purchase one, but was not able to. Can you advise me where I might be able to purchase such a glass? Thank you.

will tyler
10.09.2013 18:45
I have about 30+ gosser glasses inc spec ed ones

Miquel Guitart Llort
03.11.2013 20:54

David Holland
24.12.2013 06:05
Hi, I had several Gosser Largers in the Green Bottle when on an Avalon River Cruiset on the Danube, would like to get it here in Australia. Can you help?

tom andersohn
25.09.2015 02:11
gut,besser, gosser, I drank this during school in wein, 1964-69,EXCELLENT.....

19.05.2016 18:59
I can't tell from your website what quantity is each can - please tell me. Thanks.

Chris nemeth
23.12.2016 06:45
I cant find in usa

14.07.2017 22:49
I like to order Gosser beer but I am living at los Angles .can you shipped for me or not?

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