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Item:     Stiegl Beer Can

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since 1492;
alc. 4,9% vol;

The beer from Salzburg.

A classic beer specialty, balanced in the taste, and with a superb foam.

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6 comment(s) found:

06.07.2012 21:43
Hi can you help I'm getting married in september and really want stiegl as my favour but I only want the small size bottles not the big ones and looking for about 46 bottles can you help or point me in the right direction cheers phil

Joseph Sullivan
28.07.2013 23:34
Just returned from Austria on a 8 day tour, on of the lasting memory was the outstanding beer, and in particular Stiegl! After this beer I find our beer here in the states very watery.So glad it can be ordered online.

Steve Lauer
04.01.2014 01:59
Hi can I order bier to be shipped to Las Vegas?

Eileen MacDonald
26.08.2014 09:43
Looking forward to the beer!

kyoungmin kim
08.02.2016 16:40
Hi Can I order bier to be shipped to Republic of Korea?

02.05.2016 16:49
Love this beer

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