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Mac Queens Nessie Beer

07.12.2012 17:05 - sarah golden

My dad loves this beer and I cant find it at home so Im excited to order some for Christmas. He says this is his favorite so Im glad I can order it online.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

07.12.2012 15:51 - ignace

quel souvenir ces chocolats Mozart ! c'est une madeleine de Proust dans ma famille. Y a environ 30 ans, j'en ai gouté pour la 1ere fois, mon père nous les avait ramenés de Cologne ou il avait été a un congrès. Les chocolats ont voyagé jusqu'en France et dans le temps car meme 30 ans après, mon frere et moi nous en rappelons. j'ai décidé d'en commander pour offrir a Noel comme souvenir des bons moment passé.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

07.12.2012 10:15 - PERDRIAT

je desire acheter merci

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

06.12.2012 20:54 - Sioban Hanes

I first tried these when my grandmother came to see us and had a box of them. They were so beautiful that at first I did not eat it because the wrapping was so pretty, but then when nana said to take a bite, I was hooked! These are divine. Nana is no longer on this earth and these little pieces of heaven remind me of where she is now! Thank you!

Mozart Mini Chocolates

06.12.2012 15:40 - Choco

I first had these as a present from my Austrian Au Pair as a child , we never had them other than that as they weren't available, but growing up and even into Adulthood we always remembered them - twenty years later we went over to Austria to visit our old Au Pair and the first things she greeted us with was a hug and a big box of these!! They are still as delicious now as they were back then - if not nicer!! I remember she used to give them to us for being good and we were always on our best behaviour when there was a chance of getting a Mozart as a reward. These have since become a popular chocolate amongst our friends and family - so much so that they place orders for them every time we go to Austria now. It's great that we can now get these online at a decent price to save all the overweight baggage charges we have paid down the years due to Mozarts!! Of all the chocolates I have ever had these are definitely my favourites and I think by all the requests I have had that it will stay that way.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

05.12.2012 00:29 - Moises Amon

I took notice about this chocolate in 2007 when my friend from Germany, came to here, Brazil by first time.He brought many mozartkugeln as a gift. It´s a God´s gift. Very delicious.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

04.12.2012 17:20 - AKL



04.12.2012 11:02 - shelia

I first saw this at a sale in supermarket. The packaging of this chocolate drew my attention. Though I do not have a fantasy towards the mint-tasted chocolate containment, I fell in love with it with the first bite. The chewy and truffl-y centre tastes really well with the milky chocolate on the outside - the ingredients are the best match of all. I can ensure you that, it is the best chocolate ever on earth - well you cacn see this from the long - standing history of this chocolate. It had been such a popular and wonderful chocolate of centuries, and this can confirm that the creator has been a very devoted, talented dessert maker, who could comprise with the taste of people over times. This is one of my mother's favourite chocolate as well, even though this is not often seen in my hometown. Everytime when we saw it, we just went straight ahead to buy tonnes of it - but this happens only during holiday seasons. Now it is approaching a white Christmas while I am not with my mother, I hope to send her this kind of chocolate as a token of my regretfulness of not staying by her side, and as a token of my virtual presence.

Kaiser Doppelmalz

03.12.2012 21:18 - Aleksander Konstantinov

The Best beer I've ever drunk

Mozart White Vanilla

03.12.2012 14:54 - Ramon

Hi! Trying to find some of your products locally. I live in Puerto Rico. Looking for products on the line of Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs. Willing to pay shipping if avilable.

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