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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

25.11.2012 15:57 - vrinat

véritable gourmandise

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

25.11.2012 05:58 - Nancy

Many years ago, when I was at schoo lin the UK, on most of our holidays, my sister and I would use our Eurail student passes to travel around as much as we could. We managed to visit a friend who lived in Dusseldorf, Germany (this was so long ago, it was still West Germany!). SHe took us to all the sightes as well as to a couple of the Krits Kinder Markts, where we found many fun gifts and tremendous sweets, but the best of all were the Mozart Kugeln! We had never even heard of them before where we lived in the UK, and made a habit of any time we travelled on the Continent to get our Mozart Kugeln. Now that we live in the States, it is nearly impossible to find them, which is very sad. The few times we've found them over here, it has always been just around Christmas, and then, for some reason, the shop never gets them back in. Needless to say, I was happy to see that I coul dorder them on line, and will be surprising my sister with a gift of Mozart Kugeln this Christmas (with a few for myself, of course!) Thanks so much!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

25.11.2012 05:39 - Nancy Read

I was at school in the UK back many years ago and my sister and I spent our holidays when we could using our student Eurailpasses to go all over. As teenagers, we were always interested in different foods, but especially chocolates! When we visited a friend in Dusseldorf, Germany (this was so long ago, it was still West Germany!), she took us shopping at the Krist Kinder marts and we found so many terrific sweets, but the best of all were the Mozart Kugeln.Whenever we were in Germany or Austria, and in fact any time we were in sweet shop or duty-free anywhere on the continent, we would always look for Mozart Kugeln. To say that we rejoiced whenever we found them would be an understatement! Ever since then, when either or both of us have travelled back to Europe, we always look for them, as it is extremely difficult to get them here in the States, which I really don't understand! They are so wonderful, you would think that they would be sold everywhere. The few times my sister or I have found them here in the States, we've been thrilled. We also know which are the best, and they are difinitely here!

Linzer Torte

25.11.2012 01:21 - Marshall Foster

This is a gift

Mozart Gold

24.11.2012 22:24 - Jonathan Smith

I bought this liqueur in Vienna's airport on my way back to Dublin with my now wife. This has been our favorite liquer by a large margin. Very chocolaty, velvety taste and texture. A real treat on a Saturday night after a weeks hard work is over.

Ottakringer Beer Can

24.11.2012 21:22 - Michael Miles

Vacationed in Vienna. Ottakringer was the BEST Beer I found. Trying to locate it in US.

24.11.2012 03:03 - max

I bought this one and I loved it. It happened when I was passing through Germany last year. It is so perfect, nothing else can be compared to it at all. Now I think nothing else can really taste good in my mouth anymore.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

23.11.2012 19:58 - kristin n

When i was a little girl my mother used to bring these home from the place she studdied and i remember i appriciated it soo much. We both have this as our favourite chockolate,and every christmas for the last 5 years i buy her a big box of these so she can enjoy it all year around. I only found them at a really expensive kiosk not far from where i live. to buy those there cost way too much,but what dont we do for our beloved parents? i was so happy when i then came across this website with good prices and alot to choose from. Its spread in the family like a fire on a hot summer day- to be buying these to our mothers on special occasions. i still havent met a soul who say they dont want to taste, or that they does not like them. its a big homerun as a gift or just something special - to almost everyone:) as a chockolate lover i cant say i have found any chockolate who tastes as perfect as this and i hope that more people discover them so they are to be sold in many more stores where i live.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

23.11.2012 19:10 - David Johnson

My wife & I visited Salzburg in June 2012. We had a great time in the city of Mozart & of course, visited all the Mozart related sites. While in Afghanistan, my wife told me that she wanted Mozartkugln for Christmas. I told her it might be something of a challenge as the Afghans aren't known for their Mozartkugln, but she said my daughter had found them here I am.

Samichlaus Beer

23.11.2012 18:55 - Per Funke

Have had this beer for several years until now. It seems that our Swedish stupid monopoly won't sell it this and coming years. IT SUCKS! Can I order it?

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