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Schremser Rye Beer

29.10.2012 15:13 - david schrems

my name is schrems and my family is from there i was wondering if we were related

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

26.10.2012 11:56 - Luigi

My daughter and I have visited Vienna many times before since I am originally from Bratislava Slovakia. Presently we live in Washington DC. When she was younger and there were no limitations on luggage, we would always bring one small carry on suitcase filled with our favorite Mozart kugeln chocolates. In the Washington DC area where we live around the Christmas time, some international stores carry the German variety of Mozart's Kugeln where Mozart face is turned to the left side of the box. However, there is a huge difference in taste. These last couple of years we have been purchasing these chocolates in the duty free shop as we were leaving Vienna so it would not add weight to our luggage. Our friends are used to us bringing back these chocolates as gifts so obviously there is never enough! The delicious combination of chocolate and almond paste is incomparable to anything that you can experience. Thanks to the new technology of internet and being able to google anything, we were able to stumble upon this website where you can purchase your favorite Austrian goodies. I plan to order not only chocolates but other tasty delights from this company as soon as our first chocolate shipment arrives!

Casali Rum Kokos

24.10.2012 22:07 - Randy

hello, my name is randy stephenson i live in whittier calif, USA, i have a 13 yr old son, and he goes to school with a little girl name sarah gisinger, her parents came from austria 21 years ago, they moved into our neighborhood 10 years ago and i met them from our kids in school, last christmas petra (the mother) went back to austria to visit her mother, and bought me a kilo, of casalis rum kokos, i was very happy and surprised she had thought of me, so i opened the bag and put one in my mouth and chewed on it WOW what a quick surprise it was, and everyone sat and laughed at the face i was making, then mario, told me the way to eat them and enjoy them is too put the casali rum kokos in my mouth and suck on them and let the chocolate melt down to the sugar and rum, then let the sugar disolve and the mixture between the chocolate and the suagr and rum go so good together it was like falling in love again. i was addicted to them ever since, so a few months ago i went online and found the austian online store and placed an order of 2 kilo,s and have enjoyed them everyday, i ran out last week and want to make another purchace of 5 kilos since the holidays are upon us and would like to share them with my american friends and neightbors, i have never tasted chocolate so smooth and delicious her in america, and believe casalis has perfected the candy delites with the perfect amount of cocnut and rum in each piece, i will be buying them for many years to come, many of my friends have asked me where i gry them and i share the austrian online store to them all, thank you very much,,,thank you

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

24.10.2012 03:26 - Deanna Burkhart

We are going to be in Austria for our 25th wedding anniversary trip in the Spring. I have heard about these from some friends who have travelled there before. I am very excited to buy some and bring them home for myself and my family!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

23.10.2012 20:26 - sara

These were a true favorite when visiting Salzburg, So glad that I will be able to have them state side now too!!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

22.10.2012 23:16 - Scott C

We recently went on vacation to Europe, and stopped by Vienna. What a magical place, it was just amazing and we while we liked Prague & Bratislava a lot, Vienna just stole our hearts. The entire city is so imperial and grand, with history going back to the Romans easily viewable. One of our favorite places was Schonbrunn Palace where we picked up some of these to have as small gifts for folks back home. The house was amazing, as were the gardens and Glorietta. Just a magical environment all together. We later had dinner near Stephenplatz,(the cathedral there is incredible as well) and there is a shop with better prices and we picked up a couple more packages. Unfortunately for us, I didn't actually TRY one before we left, as if we had I would have dedicated an entire suitcase to bringing these treats back with us. They are AMAZINGLY delicious, and you can't find them anywhere else. Believe me, we have been looking and with Christmas coming up, I plan on having a number of these treats around as well. Now that we have found an online supplier, I expect we will be ordering replacements frequently to keep friends and family rolling in Kugeln.

Almdudler Can

22.10.2012 19:21 - anna marie sprenger

I discovered Almdudler in Vienna when my parent took me on vacation there. I loved it! My father then ordered me a case of it (I live in the U.S.). I now drink a can on special occasions. I want more!

Wieselburger Gold

21.10.2012 12:38 - Kim Salmutter

how does it work

Milka Toffee Nut 300g

21.10.2012 08:05 - Linda Pack

When traveling from Ireland to Scotland, I found these Milka bars on sale on the ferry. I bought four of them, and didn't taste them until after we were off the ferry. Oh, how I wish I had tasted them while they were still available to me! They are so YUMMY! After that, I looked for them everywhere we went as we finished our holiday in Scotland. I didn't find them until we were leaving Scotland, and they were in the duty free shop in the airport. Of course, the price there was twice what it was on the ferry from Ireland to Scotland. However, I bought four more bars there, so that my children could taste them. They, too, fell in love with the Milka chocolate - especially the ganz haslnuss caramel bar. The best ever, We are having a hard time finding the bars - I'm hoping that this site works out and that I will be able to buy bars for the family for special occasions. Milka is the best! Why on Earth can't we buy them in Canada? Seems odd that they are made by Kraft but we can't find them here.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

20.10.2012 23:23 - sarah k

My sister just went to austria and brought us back a bag. Not enough!! There is nothing that tastes like these here in the usa! We are so glad we can order some more online.

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