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Big Austrian Seppl

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Edelweiss Beer

16.06.2014 21:26 - Deborah Anne Lewis

I have a customer looking for the Edelweiss beer....can I get it for him in Florida?

Edelweiss Beer

11.06.2014 19:31 - PFrank

I've tried hundreds of beers from around the world, and for my palate, this beer is *The One*. While I agree with the pairings listed above, this beer is outstanding with anything, or if you simply want beer(s). The taste never gets heavy, even after several. While a hefe, the flavor and mouthfeel remain quite distinct and refreshing. One of these makes you want another... and another... and.....

Milka Chocolate Hazelnut 5x100g

05.06.2014 12:12 - Roshan

hi will you ship milka to sri lanka, colombo?

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

03.06.2014 23:58 - Andrea

Hi, i want to know if there is a posibility to send mozart kugeln to buenos aires, argentina. Thank you

Nannerl Liqueur Williamspear

31.05.2014 05:11 - Erica

Excellent product and even better service shipped quickly and arrived in perfect shape to the US.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

26.05.2014 04:22 - Adam Wong

Good chocolate, good taste.

Estragon Mustard

23.05.2014 22:21 - Phil Van Treese

Im August fahren wir nach Villach und ich werde dieser Senf kaufen. Ich liebe einen Senf mit einer Geschmacksempfindung

Kaiser Doppelmalz

21.05.2014 23:20 - Joe G.

a Frat favorite. when my brothers come to study abroad i highly recomend this one

Samichlaus Beer

21.05.2014 09:22 - Carol Love

Tried this beer when I lived in California. My husband and I were walking at the beach when we encountered two guys who were laughing and just having a great time. They said hello as they laughed and held each other up from falling. I said, wow you guys are having such a good time I sure would like to have what you had. They were laughing and said it was this beer that had a high content of alcohol in it and one beer should be shared between the both of us. We were a bit thirsty and said lets try it since they said it had such a great taste. When they said it was Sante Claus we thought that was odd but we went on to the pub like bar and asked for it and they corrected us by saying it was Samichlaus Beer. Well we tried it and in no time we were feeling no pain as we enjoyed this new taste. Sadly we found out that it was brewed only once a year. We can't find it anywhere but now we are hopeful that we can purchase it on line. It's such a wonderful, festive tasting beer.

Milka Chocolate Caramel 5x100g

20.05.2014 02:06 - hicham

i live in dubai am just a consumer i dont have a shop i would like to buy 5x100g Caramel Chocolate from Milka.

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