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Samichlaus Beer

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Milka Chocolate Hazelnut 5x100g

20.01.2014 19:26 - Heidi

I can't find Milka Haselnut anywhere in Melbourne Austrlia. Makes me sad =(

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

19.01.2014 04:16 - Blair

I tried these candies when I was in Austria over Christmas and fell in love with them. I am back home now and only have one candy left and am saving to eat it on my birthday. I'm glad they sell these online so I can eat them whenever I want.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

18.01.2014 15:32 - Willemain

Revenu d'Autriche ce sont pour moi de succulents chocolat. I love chocolate Mozart

Almdudler 24x0,5l

18.01.2014 10:44 - Naomi

Wauw Almdudlee is really my alltime favourite drink! I drink it since iI was a little kid. In Westendorf actually. I like it so much more then Spezi, jagermeisfer and all the other drinks. Only in the holiday week I drink at least 4 bottles when I am at the appartment! And then when I am skiing also at every stop we make. you can call me an almdudler addict for sure haha. My family brings it right back at home for me when they are in Austria. Only 4 bottles :( i need more of them! My boyfriend doesn't like it so i can drink it on my own! Happy Me dancing :) I even stole the glass bottles when I was younger because I liked them so much! I have them still somewhere in my bedroom. So I think it is really awesome that you sell that super great and tasty drink because I can't find it anywhere here in the Netherlands. Thank you so much for selling it Austrianshop! Last but not least . I really love this Austrian drink so much.

Mozart Gift Edition

16.01.2014 19:37 - Kelleigh

My sister in law is Austrian, and when she visits family she would bring back Mozart Chocolates for us, but now I am very happy to see I can order the chocolates online and not wait for her next trip to visit her family.

Forst Beer

16.01.2014 01:51 - Mark Bridges

LOVE Forst beer. Can I buy 100 bottles???

Milka Chocolate&Biscuits 300g

14.01.2014 14:33 - Claudio

Ho assaggiato questa meraviglia della milka per la prima volta in Svizzera. Cosa posso dire....Amore a prima vista! Innanzitutto un eccezionale connubio di sapori: il fantastico cioccolato milka unito al latte delle Alpi svizzere e ad uno squisito biscotto. Non credo esistano parole per descrivere a pieno la goduria al palato di questa eccezionale tavoletta milka. Io e la mia compagna abbiamo fatto fuori i primi 300 g (una tavoletta) in meno di dieci minuti. Siamo tornati indietro e, rientrati nel negozio, ne abbiamo comprate altre cinque! In definitiva la nostra vacanza in Svizzera è stata all'insegna delle tavolette milka Shoko and keks e ovviamente al rientro in Italia sono divenuto un souvenir da offrire anche ad amici e parenti. Adesso su questo fantastico sito le abbiamo ritrovate e già so che tornerò spesso a trovarvi per ordinare un po' e ritrovare quel gusto eccezionale. Certo non ne beneficerà la linea: già quella vacanza svizzera ci portò un regalo inatteso, due chili in più di peso per ciascuno di noi due. Il prezzo da dover pagare (con piacere) per una delizia del genere e per non riuscire a frenare gli eccessi di consumo quando una cosa è così buona.

Wiener Zuckerl

12.01.2014 19:24 - Martha B

These little candies were a sweet treat we kept in our pockets as we spent long hours walking and touring the beautiful sights of Vienna. We brought some back for our friends who also loved them. I will be surprising my friends this Valentines day with little bags of these sweet treats.

Almdudler Can

12.01.2014 14:45 - Carin

Als Oesterreicherin die im Ausland lebt ist Almdudler eine wunderbare Kindheitserinnerung. Es schmeckt gut und ist erfrischend und auch meine Kinder moegen es mittlerweile sehr gerne. Es erinnert mich an mein Heimatland und die wunderbare Zeit, die ich dort mit meinen Eltern hatte. Mein Vater, der letztes Jahr leider verstorben ist, hatte auch immer gerne Almdudler getrunken, speziell wenn gemischt mit Bier, was einen wunderbaren Radler gibt. Es ist grossartig, dass dieses Getraenk immer noch erzeugt wird und nicht von den Getraenke Giganten geschluckt wurde! Prost! Fuer alle Englisch sprechenden Kunden werde ich dies nun auch übersetzen: I am Austrian and I live abroad and the drink Almdudler is connected to wonderful memories of my childhood. It tastes good and is very refreshing and also my children like it a lot. It reminds me of my home country and the wonderful time I had there with my parents. My dad, who sadly died last year, also loved to drink Almdudler, especially when mixed with beer, which is then called a 'Radler' or shandy. It is great that this drink is still produced and that it was not 'swallowed up' yet by all these giants in the beverage market! Enjoy and prost! (Cheers!)

09.01.2014 23:57 - isabella

adoro questi cioccolatini!

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