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Tyrolean Toni

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15.09.2012 16:41 - christina

Yes! Wij leerden dit ook kennen tijdens een (zomer)vakantie te Oostenrijk. Zeer lekker met aardbeien confituur.... De variant zonder rozijnen is ook lekker met appeltjes :-b

Hofbauer Marzipan Chocolates

13.09.2012 06:17 - Dr. S.K.Pathak

I am delighted to be able to purchase this product today, because I forgot to do so when I visited Sazburg 3 years ago!!!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

12.09.2012 17:52 - Allaire

Excellent chocolat que j'ai découvert lors de mes vacances en Autriche. J'en ramène chaque année pour la famille et c'est aussi une très bonne idée cadeau. A recommander

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

12.09.2012 09:04 - ESTEBE Lucien et Renée

Les années ont passé et il ne nous est plus possible de voyager dans votre beau pays. Nous ramenions avec plaisir les fameux chocolats de Salsbourg qui faisaient le régal de nos enfants... eh bien, grâce à internet, nous allons pouvoir renouer avec cette belle tradition et retrouver en partie les souvenirs d'antan.

Ildefonso 15pcs

08.09.2012 03:18 - Doris Jayson

do you send to canada? please let me know, these are my favorite chocolates.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

07.09.2012 19:45 - CynabOn

I just went to Europe for the first time and stayed in Germany. While I was in Germany, my Aunt had told me about them and suggested that I buy them. I read that they were half marzipan and half pistachio and didn’t really seem interested in them. So as our journey continued to Prague and Bavaria I still couldn’t get myself to buy the Mozartkugeln ( I just wasn’t really feeling the pistachio part of the bon bon.) On my way home I saw these Mozartkugeln at the airport and bought a box to try at home. Boy, were they DELICIOUS!! I bought the box with the dark chocolate bon bons. The pistachio was a pleasant surprise with the marzipan. The pistachios must have been toasted before they were made into the candy because the nuttiness of the pistachios with the marzipan was like magic in your mouth! I am salivating as I am remembering the bon bon. After I had consumed probably half the box, I was really regretting not buying more of them. I have been searching on Amazon and many specialty stores and they were very very expensive. I was thinking I was going to have to go back to Germany instead :D Now I have found them here!! What a wonderful surprise and it will make a great Christmas stuffer.

05.09.2012 21:03 - Ali

Your chocolate is amazing. My friend brought it back with her from Switzerland. The chocolate I could not have consumed to quickly. It is absolutely amazing and I do want more of your chocolate as soon as I possible could. The white chocolate is the best white chocolate...even the best chocolate in general that I have ever had. All of my friends absolutely love love love your Frey Chocolat. It is definitely better than American chocolate. I hope that you can find a way to ship Frey Chocolat over seas so we can all enjoy. I can not find the chocolate at any other website on the world wide web. Is it possible for your chocolate to be sent over seas? I would give this chocolate as a gift because it would be the best present for anyone to ever receive on Easter, Christmas or their birthday! I will always remember this chocolate as it was like eating heaven even though I will probably need to keep working out a lot more because I eat it so much. I only have two very small pieces left. I want to cry. Please tell me you can sent it overseas!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

05.09.2012 20:42 - Anca Georgeta

I love Mozard Chocolates ,how i love Vienna and music of Motzard . Are the best taste and luxoury rich flavor . Just simple and elegant !!!

04.09.2012 20:51 - francesco

questi cioccolatini mozart kugeln sono buonissimi

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

04.09.2012 19:12 - Mario Zekkour

Almost a decade ago I was on a family trip over Europe, my dad and I loved your Chocolates so we went to Salzburg and bought a lot I mean a really lot of them like 7 pakages, does were supposed to last till we go back to mexico and give them as gifts, after that we went to Italy Venice to be precise, we were cgonna stay there for 3 days and my dad put the bag with chocolates inside an old closet on the room of the Hotel after a few minutes on the last day on Venice we were taking the train to Milan when I wanted a chocolate and then bum they were left on the room, on the closet of the Hotel and I was so sad about it!! a few years bak a friend brought me one chocolate back I remember that experience once I tasted!! thank you love your product

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