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Samichlaus Beer

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Nannerl Liqueur Raspberry

08.10.2015 04:54 - Sandra Poureshmenantalemy

Want to purchase Tadpberry Liqueur from Austria (Himbeer Liqueur)

Edelweiss Beer

28.09.2015 15:00 - Bianca

Most delicious beer

Gosser Beer

25.09.2015 02:11 - tom andersohn

gut,besser, gosser, I drank this during school in wein, 1964-69,EXCELLENT.....

Wiener Zuckerl

21.09.2015 00:23 - John M

We just returned from our wonderful trip to Vienna. I enjoyed so many things about Vienna; my personal favorite was the excellent little candies, Wiener Zuckerl. I tasted these first at our hotel and then filed my pocket for our trip home. Only one of the delicious candies was left by the time I returned home. They are delicious! I would like to buy them. Please tell me how to order. Many thanks! John

Manner Mignon

18.09.2015 19:34 - JORDAN

Bonjour, Comptez vous en fabriquer de nouveau???? Depuis un bon moment qu'il est signalé ÉPUISÉ Amicalement T.J.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

06.09.2015 16:25 - Tonia Lorraine Russouw

I teach English in Milan, Italy and when one of my students visited Vienna they brought back these Mozart balls and have been giving me one every week since! What a treat! I'm so pleased to be ordering my own supply..YUM!

Ildefonso 80pcs

04.09.2015 17:52 - Avram Schreiber

I live in New York City. I want to order IlDifonso candies. I ordered in Sept 2008 with order no 2233. Please let me know how I can place an order and have it delivered to New york. Thank you

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

26.08.2015 15:59 - Gloria Requena

Quiero un par de cajas. Despachan a Chile? o tienen distribuidor en Chile?

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

24.08.2015 22:49 - Mario

Hi. Is it possible to deliver this delicious chocolates in Mexico? I am living in Jalisco. No matter extra charges. Please reply.

Almdudler 4x2l

11.08.2015 19:01 - Veli-Pekka Hiltunen

I am also from Finland. I visited my pals at Vienna and tried Almdudler. Fell in love also.. The flavour is just amazink !

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