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Milka Toffee Nut 270g

21.10.2012 08:05 - Linda Pack

When traveling from Ireland to Scotland, I found these Milka bars on sale on the ferry. I bought four of them, and didn't taste them until after we were off the ferry. Oh, how I wish I had tasted them while they were still available to me! They are so YUMMY! After that, I looked for them everywhere we went as we finished our holiday in Scotland. I didn't find them until we were leaving Scotland, and they were in the duty free shop in the airport. Of course, the price there was twice what it was on the ferry from Ireland to Scotland. However, I bought four more bars there, so that my children could taste them. They, too, fell in love with the Milka chocolate - especially the ganz haslnuss caramel bar. The best ever, We are having a hard time finding the bars - I'm hoping that this site works out and that I will be able to buy bars for the family for special occasions. Milka is the best! Why on Earth can't we buy them in Canada? Seems odd that they are made by Kraft but we can't find them here.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

20.10.2012 23:23 - sarah k

My sister just went to austria and brought us back a bag. Not enough!! There is nothing that tastes like these here in the usa! We are so glad we can order some more online.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

19.10.2012 05:32 - Ferdinand Iskandar

The first time I had this small bundle of luscious chocolate treat was in United States of America during my college years. From the first bite I know that this is what dream was made of. I just could not resist this delicious treats every time we stopped by to the specialty shop near the apartment. During that time as a college student this chocolate ball is quite expensive but believe me if you try once you will never ever stop eating them. I always buy them around 10 - 20 pieces and always hide them from my room mates as I know they like them also. Now I live in Indonesia and believe me I have been trying to find this little bugger every where and just not available. Went to Singapore as well and could not find them. Imagine how happy i am now that you guys are selling this online. I am married now and have one daughter, will let her try as well and we will she if she love this chocolate as much as her father does. I do hope you deliver this to Indonesia because if you don't I really do not know where else to find this.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

19.10.2012 05:10 - Ferdinand Iskandar

I had this 13 years ago when I was in the United states, but still cannot forget the taste of this succulent treat. Have been trying to remember the name and voila only today I remember and start googling it. Wonder if they can ship to Indonesia????

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

18.10.2012 20:13 - Vic

My father visited Austria sometime in the mid 1980s, when I was about 5-6 years old, bringing these ones with him when coming back (together with a heart shaped pillow smelling of lavender for me, which I still have); I can so vividly remember him coming home, to me it seemed very late and I was in my pajamas all set & sorted for bed, when coming home he came into the dining room, standing by the dining table unpacking his luggage, including a round little plastic tub of these Mozartkugeln. To me, back then, the flavor of these confectioneries was rather complex but I remember being very fascinated by the green marzipan and I taught the shape and sort design of the chocolate really wonderful. Nearly ten years later I visited Austria myself, where I myself visited a shop selling Mozart chocolates in all wonderful shapes and forms - the smells, flavors and wonderful vivid colors of this shop is still with me now almost twenty years later (together with the memories of Sachertorte and Vienna coffee). Unfortunately, the availability Mirabell Mozartkugeln is rather limited her in England, where I live now, only online supplies available, have occasionally purchased 'alternative' Mozart chocolates but nothing can compare to Mirabell's kugeln.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

18.10.2012 15:02 - Melanie Webley

I discovered these delicious Mozart Kugeln chocolates last christmas when I purchased the gorgeous looking box in our earthquake striken city. Imagine my delight to discover these delicious chocolates inside the delightful looking box. I am what you would consider a conniseur of chocolate from around the world, sampling many of Europe's delights despite living across the other side of the world from these amazing countries. I have a wonderful relative who sends me regular parcels of various chocolates he comes across in his travels through out Europe. He had yet to send me some of these however. When I questioned him about this after discovering these delicious delights he thought he had already sent me some. I have only ever purchased one box from a shop which specialises in chocolates from around the world. After tasting them, of course I needed more. When I went back to get more they had all sold. I questioned the shop owner if he would be importing more but he said not until next christmas. Despite looking everywhere for them I have yet to discover them again in my city. The memory of the chocolates linger in my mind and I look forward to being able to taste and enjoy their parcels of chocolate supreme once again. And now I have discovered this site I can order them for my own delight. Thank you for delivering world wide.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

17.10.2012 21:36 - Adriano

Buon giorno a tutti. Ho conosciuto le Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln quest'estate. Io e la mia ragazza abbiamo deciso di fare una gita a Innsbruck, in Austria, per visitare la cittā e passare un bel weekend in questo bellissimo paese. Abbiamo alloggiato in piccolo un hotel veramente carino, visitato la cittā e i dintorni, era davvero tutto affascinante e calmo. Il secondo giorno di permanenza abbiamo deciso di fare un giro nella cittadina. Ad un certo punto siamo entrati in un negozio che vendeva cioccolato. Le Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln mi hanno subito colpito per la loro forma particolare e per la confezione in generale. Appena ho letto che contenevano marzapane non ho pensato due volte a comprarle, dato che č uno dei miei dolci preferiti. Abbinato al cioccolato devo ammettere che č ancora meglio di quello che mi aspettavo e non risulta nč pesante nč stancante con il tempo. Ora č tradizione ogni sera, dopo cena, mangiare uno di questi cioccolatini che rendono la serata davvero piacevole. Da poco mi sono accorto che stanno per finire (non ne ho presi molti non avendoli mai assaggiati prima), quindi ho deciso di andare sul web e trovare un sito che le vendesse. non vedo l'ora di ricevere una scorta di Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln! Un saluto a tutti!

Milka Toffee Nut 270g

15.10.2012 22:11 - Sarah Tucker

My family and I recently traveled through Europe and had a excellent time. While in Spain, we purchased some Milka chocolate. This has been the BEST chocolate I have ever tried. It was so delicious that I bought several chocolate bars to bring back to the USA. I gave chocolate bars to several members of our family in America. Each and every family member said that they thought it was the best chocolate they have ever had. I bought the milk chocolate with the toffee, caramel and cream and hazelnut. The candy bars are very large, but each person said they would love one for themselves to eat all alone. I have had many exceptional chocolates and truffles before, but this has been the best. I went online to research where to buy this amazing chocolate because it is hard not to have it stocked in our home. We all exercise and maintain and healthy weight, but agreed to save our extra calories for the milka chocolate candy bars. We enjoyed so many wonderful sweets throughout England, France and Spain but this milka chocolate is very special. I am grateful to have found this website and I am looking forward to eating lots of Milka choclate in the future!!!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

15.10.2012 11:22 - Gary J

Totally addicted to Mozart chocolates. Danke Victor Schmidt

13.10.2012 22:26 - Vanessa Durrant

My niece and nephew loves these, so every time I visit Europe, I bring them rolls for tea. My husband also loves these, so we order in bulk.

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