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Young Babenberger Warrior

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Edelweiss Beer

31.05.2013 18:02 - vicky

My husband discovered this beer last year when we had a holiday to Vienna to visit the world famous christmas markets. I have been trying to find it ever since with no luck, and I have just came across your website! I will be placing my order ASAP!

31.05.2013 14:20 - Sam

Amazing wish if we can buy it in Nz

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

30.05.2013 17:16 - ELor

My family and I lived for some years in Europe and had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations, including Austria. My dad has always loved Mozartkugeln and on special occasions we always make it a point to get him some..and of course he shares with us! These chocolates, like Austria, will always have a special place in my heart.

Mozart Gold

30.05.2013 06:43 - Shelly Duhamell

My cousin in Salzburg gave me a small bottle. It is absolutely wonderful. So, glad I can buy it online.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

30.05.2013 04:16 - Shelly Duhamell

This is a family favorite! My aunt in Austria sends me this candy at the holidays but it doesn't last long :) We all love it in my house. Wonderful chocolate.

Wiener Zuckerl

30.05.2013 04:14 - Shelly Duhamell

My family is from Austria but I live in the U.S. Growing up, my Oma would give me this candy and it was one of my favorite. Many, many, happy memories!

Milka Naps Mix

30.05.2013 03:03 - Bethany Hutchinson

I grew up in an American Military family. My family lived in Europe for 3 years, we fell in love with milka chocolate while we were over seas. When we returned home from Europe we brought with us some chocolate, ok maybe a little more then some, which we shared with people. My then boyfriend (now husband) LOVES this chocolate and he's been looking for it ever since. We even went to our local Bavarian village and searched and searched for it. We finally asked a few sweet shops and general stores about it and got some funny looks and was told they'd never heard of Milka, we decided they must not be a very authentic village if they don't know about the BEST chocolate in Europe. We sadly returned home without the chocolate we set out to find. Now I'm on a mission to find this divine chocolate before fathers day so I can surprise my sweet husband with it. It's been 6 years since I've had any and I've hear I can find it in stores here locally now, but believe me I've searched and I'm having trouble finding it. I've decided to take to the web and see what I can get online. Very happy I found this site and hoping you can ship to me.

Hirter Beer

29.05.2013 23:40 - Kohlweis

Hirter Bier Hopfm und Molz , Gott erhollts Für mich einfach das beste Bier Österreichs . Ich habe es vor 20 Jahren schon genossen, aber mittler weile fehlt es mich. Ich habe auch hir viele Sorten geschmeckt , aber KEINES scheckte so gut wie euer Bier und mein Bier HIRTER BIER

Suchard Velma

26.05.2013 21:23 - Chris Joshnick

I am in the possession of a very old box with the name Velma Chocolates, Roddewig-Schmidt Candy Co., Davenport, Iowa. Does anyone have any info on this company? Thank you

Manner Schnitten 4pcs

26.05.2013 15:07 - COHEN

J'ai découvert ces gaufrettes grace à mon amie Julie dont la mère s'est installée en Autriche et à chaque fois que je savais qu'elle partait rendre visite à sa mère je lui passais ma petite commande. j'ai perdu contact avec cette amie mais maintenant que je viens dedécouvrir votre site je ne perdrai plus le contact avec ces gaufrettes dont la saveur ne se retrouve dans aucune autre que j'ai pu tester.. merci de partager avec nous.

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