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Tyrolean Toni

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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

16.11.2013 11:07 - alessandra

da quando sono stata a vienna per il mio viaggio di nozze non sono stata piu' lontana da questi deliziosi cioccolatini....

Darbo Strawberry 200g

16.11.2013 07:09 - Franco Palombini


Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

15.11.2013 10:01 - Christl

Still in love with these after all these years! I continue to share them with my friends who then share them with their friends and family and so the tradition grows. Still can't find anything in Australia to match them! Wunderbar danke!

Hofbauer Viennese Composition

14.11.2013 16:57 - Olivia Firestine

I was an exchange student in Salzburg, Austria 2 years ago when I encountered this delicious chocolate. I have missed it so much because I am unable to buy it in the United States. However, I found this website and I would love to buy it. It is probably the best chocolate I have ever had. My host family used to have Hofbauer chocolates all year long because we were in love with them. Now everytime I go back to visit or if they send me a package I know I will be receiving Hofbauer chocolates because they are exclusively Austrian. Austria is a huge part of my life (including the delicious chocolate), so I cannot wait to return to buy some more or to receive another package in the mail with Hofbauer chocolate. I'm extremely excited for Hofbauer as usual. I know my parents like this chocolate as well as some other family members, so maybe I will buy some for them for Christmas or their birthdays because it makes an excellent gift. My favorite Hofbauer item is the Mozartkugeln because it is so exclusively Salzburg, which is where I lived when I was an exchange student. I want some Hofbauer!

Kremser Mustard

13.11.2013 20:58 - Sheila de Winter

I was introduced to Austrian mustard by my brother-in-law and would like to puchase some more.

Victor Schmidt Bag

13.11.2013 19:06 - Lisa Kraut

My husband attended a conference in Baden in September this year and he decided to buy some local speciality chocolates for the family. As I am not such a big chocolate eater, I was not too excited when he returned with quite a number of bags of Johann Strauss Motzartkugeln. He asked if I wanted to try one of the chocolate balls, so I reluctantly took one. It was covered in dark chocolate (which made me even more reluctant, because I usually do not enjoy dark chocolate. To my utter surprise, it was one of the most delicious things that I have ever tasted and I just loved them instantly, so much so that I wanted to keep a few bags for myself. Unfortunately the bags did not last very long and I started to search the internet for ways to get my hands on more Johann Strauss Motzartkugeln. Thank goodness I have a family friend who is coming to visit from Switzerland and he will be able to bring me some quite soon. I am looking forward to a great Christmas and I envision myself eating Motzarkugeln non stop! These are truly a magical creation!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

13.11.2013 16:14 - Alina

I'm from Russia. It is very hardly to find this chocolate in our country, but i'm crazy about it! It is the best chocolate i have ever tasted/

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

12.11.2013 05:28 - Bryan

Recently, I spent six lovely days vacationing in Salzburg. Many days were spent walking in Old Town visiting the various paltz, but each day I stopped for a refreshing pause eating Mozart chocolates - absolutely wonderful!

Mozart White Vanilla

11.11.2013 02:25 - David

I bought a bottle a Mozart Chocolate cream white at the airport in Vienna as a gift for my mom, it's been two years that we drank it in Paris and we still talk about it so I would be more than happy to buy her a bottle for christmas !!

Manner Schnitten 4pcs

09.11.2013 12:24 - jacopo

L'anno scorso andando in gita con la scuola ho scoperto in autogrill questi paradisiaci wafer... Inutile dire che appena ci hanno lasciati liberi di guardare i negozi a vienna, mi sono subito fiondato alla ricerca di un negozio... Purtroppo non sono riuscito a trovarlo, un po per questioni di lingua un po perché non conosco vienna. Il giorno dopo, dopo aver quasi perso le speranze, andiamo a Salisburgo, citta natale di Mozart. Trascorsa l'intera mattinata avevo perso per sempre le speranze, fino a quando, giunti in una piazza, mi ritrovvo davanti la scritta Manner. Sono letteralmente esploso di felicità! Quindi con dei miei amici formiamo un gruppetto ed entriamo alla ricerca dei wafer!! Ci ritroviamo subito davanti ad una bellissima fontanella di cioccolato caldo e lucido, il quale mette molto in risalto l' ambientazione del locale. Subito non troviamo niente perché eravamo storditi dall'ambiente poi cercando meglio troviamo la mitica sscatola, enorme, da 18 confezioni. Ora devo scegliere tra tre diversi ornamenti della scatola... Dopo una luuunga riflessione, aiutata anche dalla gentilissama commessa che conosce l'italiano, un po maccheronico ma italiano :), scelgo la scatola con impressa la rosa rossa, pensando a mia madre... Dopodiché ci fermiamo un'altra mezzoretta per gustare una Sacher (non so come si scrive, non uccidetemi...) Dopo questa bellissima esperienza ripartiamo verso l'italia, mangiando avidamente i miei super wafer della Manner!

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