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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

09.11.2013 09:12 - Diane Roberts

Both my mother and son visited Austria separately this past summer and came home raving about your chocolates! I'd love to be able to give them some as gifts this Christmas to celebrate their trips (and try some myself!). Thank you!

Mac Queens Nessie Beer

08.11.2013 14:39 - Sarah Golden

This is my dad's favorite beer of all time. I saw that I could purchase it online and I was super excited. It all started about 8 years when my mom went a place about 20 minutes where we live where they sell all different kinds of beers and wines from around the world. She picked a bunch of different kinds of beer, mostly German because that is usually my dads favorite kinds. When they were first married her pet name for my father was Nessie, and she still calls him that even today. So as a joke she picked this beer and gave it to him for Christmas. Well wouldnt you know it turned out to be his favorite of all time. She started to buy it regularly for him. Well about 4 years I went to get it for him for his birthday and the place told me that they no longer carry the beer and in fact they don't sell in New York anymore. I was so upset because I know how much my dad liked this beer. So I bought him a bunch of different Germans ones. He loved them, but was disappointed when I told him they no longer have Nessie. Once and awhile I go in there and ask if they carry it yet, but they told me no. Thats when I looked online and found you guys..Thanks so much and I look forward to see my dad super happy on Christmas!

Mozart Medals 48pcs

06.11.2013 20:37 - christine

I was a young girl when my grand parents decided to offer us a trip toAustria, we stayed in a smallvillage in Tyrol named Mötz. It was a great discovery for all of us of this country, and we were so pleased about this time that we came back there four following summers. I can remember the sweet moments we spent with some people of this village talking about nothing and eating chocolate. Mozart kuguln and Mozart talers were our favorites and all the chocolate we bought disappeared very very fast as soon as we came back in France; I always kept this sweet delicate sensation of this chocolate associated with the pleasure of being in this country. LAter on when I came in University, I decided to make my studies in Vienna, and I spent a lot of time working on Klimt and making my Doktor Arbeit. Vienna is definitivley the place I prefer in the world, now I grew up of course, they are about fourty years of that, and my dream would be to return back to Austria and find a quiet place between mountains, with some grass to have a horse, a small house with my husband and finish my life there, this is a dream that I would like to be true. Chocolates, Mozart Kugeln, Mozart Taler showed me the way !

Mozart Medals 48pcs

06.11.2013 07:02 - Popoy Fulgueras

It's been 25 years when I was last introduced to this fine tasting chocolate. My boss went to a European trip and included in his itinerary was Vienna. He enjoyed the sights, the architecture, the beautiful people. But one thing that struck him the most and will forever remind him of Vienna was this cute, gold -wrapped nuggets of chocolate with Mozart's image on it.To him, they tasted like no other chocolates even far superior than the different brands that claim to be the best. So he horded a lot of them in his carry-on luggage as well as his checked-in luggage for stock and gifts to his family, officemates and friends. The US customs was in awe and wonderment what this person was up to with this horde of Mozart chocolates. He got through customs and the good part came, he passed on the blessings and experience of Vienna to us. Having a sweet tooth myself and a certified chocolate addict, I fell in love with it and being a Mozart fan, I saved the beautiful wrappers and even wrapped it around the unused lid of Gallon water containers. They looked like themozart chocolates but of course without the chocolates.

Wieselburger Beer

06.11.2013 04:42 - Damon

Monroe, Washington State, USA: Is it possible to ship a crate of Wieselburger Bier to the USA? About 10 years ago I went to Austria for a couple months to visit my very good friend in Bad Ischl. We traveled all over the country visiting friends in Graz, Andau, Salzburg, and Vienna. I was about 21 at the time. While I was there her younger brother made me a ring out of the top of a bottle of Wieselburger Bier. Naturally it became my drink of choice for the rest of my trip. I continue to wear the ring everyday 10 years later. Every once in a while I look for it at one of the local stores that carries beer from all over the world, and every time it's the same result...not available. I am having a BeerFest with a few friends in 2 weeks, focusing on beers from Central Europe, and would love to have this beer at the party after not being able to have it for over 10 years. Please let me know if there is a way to ship it here without costing an arm and a leg...even though I only need one arm to drink a Wieselburger:) Prost! Damon

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

05.11.2013 22:54 - Patricia Sills

11-5-2013 I recently visited Vienna for the first time and loved the city! Someone who had lived in Vienna had asked me to bring back Mozart's Sweets - which at the time I had no idea what they were. Of course, upon arriving in the city I saw them everywhere and bought quite a few packages to give out to friends. My best friend was so in love with them that I ended up giving her the package I had saved for my candy dish in the living room - her desire was greater!! Pat

Darbo Apricot 200g

05.11.2013 16:53 - Linda Brown

I have been eating D'Arbo jam for many years. I visit family in Austria and Luxembourg every year, but current luggage restrictions make it impossible to bring back a year's supply. I have systematically eliminated every apricot jam sold in the US, and there is NO better to be had anywhere. Breakfast is not the same without it, and it is a wonderful addition to a fruit tart.

Milka Hazelnut 270g

03.11.2013 22:03 - Hindustani

I'm so satisfied with the chocolate that Mika produces. Their chocolates is full of character and deserves an own cathegory. Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to buy chocolates from Milka here in Sweden due to that the dealers here are a sort of unexperienced when it comes to decide the quality of different brands of chocolates. But I hope that they will learn that soon! Each time when I travel abroad, a purchase of a Milka product is mandatory for me. You may be wondering what makes this chocolate so special. The secret is, apparently, in the milk, which comes from Alpine cows (literally, from the Alps). The milk is what is behind the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that I am so addicted to. The lilac-colored cows appearing on all of the chocolate further illustrate the importance of this ingredient. There are so many different varieties of Milka, from plain milk chocolate bars to hazelnut chocolate bars to cinnamon spice chocolate with wafer cookies. My favorite has got to be the plain bar and the whole hazelnut version. Each bite is so rich and delicious that you don't feel compelled to eat the entire bar because a couple of bites is all you need. OK, that last bit might be a lie — you definitely want to eat the whole bar. It's just that good. Best regards John

Gosser Beer

03.11.2013 20:54 - Miquel Guitart Llort

Interesa compra latas Gösser marzen entrega en Sàin, Reus 43203, agradeceria respuesta,

Milka Chocolate&Biscuits 270g

01.11.2013 20:08 - Mia

In my country there are many different brands of chocolate, however I have always only bought the Milka one. Let's face it, it's the best!!! Especially the biscuit one - it just can't be compared with the other brands. Since I'm studying in England at the moment, I can't get a hold of Milka chocolate so easily. So whenever I travel to UK, I always make my way to the Duty Free before my flight and get a few biscuit bars for myself. But, when I came to UK, I shared a bit of my chocolate and biscuit Milka with my boyfriend (he never had it before!). Needless to say the whole chocolate bar (300g) disappeared in less than a few hours. He simply loved it! And said it is the best chocolate he ever had! Now, whenever I travel back home and to UK again, I always make sure I go to the shop and buy, not only one or two, but at least five bars. Unfortunately, I will not be traveling any time soon, so I thought I wouldn't be able to get the chocolate from anywhere. But thankfully I found this page and can now order some, and provide a perfect present for my dearest :)

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