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Small Austrian Hansi

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Victor Schmidt 50pcs

09.11.2012 01:20 - Alida Bosch

the first time I ate this faboulous kind of chocolates was some years ago, because a colleague from work, who is from Austria, gave me a two Victor Schmidt Mozart Kugeln, and I just fell in love with them. the combination between marzipan and chocolate is amazing. Now everytime a relative or a friend is going to Wien or anywhere in Austria I ask them to buy me this marevellous bonbons, because where I live in Spain there are no shops which sell Mozart Kugeln, I have tried in many shoing malls as well as in gourmet shos, but I have not been lucky, I hoe in the next future to go and visit this beautifl country and of course eat and buy lots of Mozart Kugeln Victor Schmidt variety. the last time I had these chocolates was some months ago, but now I have not got anymore, so I must buy them from this fabolous site which allows us to enjoy the taste of Victor Schmidt Mozart Kugeln. I am so glad, and hoPe to have my chocolates really soon at my home so as soon as Possible I will be eating them. Congratulations to Kind regards. You are doing a great job

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

08.11.2012 19:28 - Sarah Ede

I love these chocolates! First brought them on a school trip to Salzburg and they were really nice. It was during a language exchange when I was 15. It was the first time I had visited Austria and I stayed with a girl my own age so it was a great way to experience a different culture and life in Austria. I had a really good time. On one of the days we went on a trip to Salzburg. We visited the Mozart museum and afterwards went to the museum gift shop where they had the Mozartkugeln chocolates for sale. A lot of people were buying them and the chocolates looked very nice in the box and wrapping so I decided to get some. I got a few boxes to give to friends and family back home and as a souvenir of my trip to Austria. They were probably the best chocolates I ever tasted, so I was glad I bought the Victor Schidmt 50 pcs. I really like marzipan and chocolate so its a great combination to have both in the Mozartkugeln chocolates. Recently, whilst having lunch with friends, I was offered the Mozartkugeln after the end of the meal and it reminded me how delicious they taste. Pleased to find them on!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

08.11.2012 19:13 - Monica Reds

nice chocolates :)

Wiener Zuckerl

07.11.2012 05:02 - Connie

We were introduced to these candies by our hotel in Vienna on a recent stay. They are so good! We would like to share this treat with our family in the US (and be able to enjoy it once again now that we're back home!), so I'm putting in an order with hopes it will be here in time for Christmas! Here's to many fond memories of our time in Austria. The Opera House, the Stadtgarten, the Danube, St Stephen's cathedral were all highlights of our visit there.

Almdudler Can

04.11.2012 19:33 - Linda

Almdudler is really, truly, the shit! We went to Innsbruck, Austria for a week last summer (lovely lovely scenery going by aircraft to Innsbruck, btw), and we were starving by the time we landed. Got our rental car, and drove quite aimlessly towards the city centre, to find something to eat. We stopped at a quite ordinary-looking pizza place, and at the soft drink refrigerator, we spotted Almdudler. It looked cool, compared to all the standard cokes and fantas, so we tried it. It was absolutely delicious! After that, all four of us went crazy about Almdudler. It was incredibly hot outside the whole week, and we were doing a lot of training and physical activity, and having an Almdudler for drink after a sweaty run was just perfect! I remember especially one time in Igls after a sprint race, when it was more than 35 degrees C and hot as a baking oven. When we had finished the race, we went to a small hotel that had a remarkably green pool and we could swim for free if we ordered something from the bar. So we went there, dove into the lovely cooling water, and afterwards enjoyed the sun with a big bottle Almdudler. Fabulous!!!

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

04.11.2012 18:43 - helfer

C'est un très bon médicament pour mon père

Mozart Medals 48pcs

04.11.2012 03:34 - Kyril Magg

My parents were Austrian as well as being professional musicians. I was a symphony flutist and college professor of music for 44 years, and while the infinite variety of music has incomparably enriched my life, I must admit the my very favorite composer is Mozart. What a joy it is, then, to revisit Austria so many times, knowing that an added treat will be the ready availability of my favorite sweet, the Mozarttaler. Whether it is enjoying the musical and architectural inspirations of Vienna, attending the Salzburg Festival, visiting the 400 year old inn that has been a family home for over 100 years in Grundlsee while hiking around the beautiful lakes of the Salzkammergut, ascending the magnificent peaks of the Oetztal and the Stubaital near Innsbruck, or any of the countless other pleasures that always await me upon returning to my ancestral Heimat, I always can look forward to the very special reawakening of the pleasures of a Mozarttaler. There are always myriad bags and boxes of this treat that return to the United States with me after any visit, but no matter how many I bring with me it never seems to be enough. So it is a great thrill to discover that the Austriashop website no longer makes it necessary to wait until my next visit abroad to restock my supply. My gratitude for your service!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

03.11.2012 23:14 - Gretchen Yost

I visited Vienna 25 years ago. We were four college students backpacking that summer. In Vienna we met a young man named Andrea who wanted to practice his english and so he was our wonderful tour guide. When we were leaving he disappeared before saying good-bye and we were saddened. But as our train was pulling away he came running on to the platform to give us each a bag of these chocolates so that we could remember him and Vienna.... Every time I see Mozart Balls I do remember him and Vienna. And now, our opera guild (for the Santa Fe Opera) is having an educational event next month. We'll feature a guest lecturer on the famed castrati. In order to make it fun and keep with the theme, we are making it a Spaghetti and No Balls dinner. As hostess, I thought that having two Mozart Balls as a party favor would be the icing on the cake of a fun evening. Not only are they totally scrumptious, but even the most novice of opera fans can hum a few Mozart arias! We're looking forward to a fun evening and some great food.

Edelweiss Dark

02.11.2012 23:33 - Stephanie

I have been searching for this beer locally, and was not able to find it. My boyfriend always talks about how much he loves this beer, and how it is his favorite. He has not had it in years. He says it is the perfect dark beer, not too heavy and with a unique and rich flavor profile. We contacted many local beer and specialty stores in our area, and none of them were able to provide it or send us to another contact that would be able to provide the beer. I am buying this as a suprise for his birthday, and am really looking forward to receiving our order. This is our first time using this website, so I'm excited to see how it is.

Mozart Gift Edition

02.11.2012 19:15 - Mr James

Myself and my daughter have visited Vienna many times before since I am originally from Bratislava Slovakia. Presently we live in Washington DC. When she was younger and there were no limitations on luggage, we would always bring one small carry on suitcase filled with our favorite Mozart kugeln chocolates. In the Washington DC area where we live around the Christmas time, some international stores carry the German variety of Mozart's Kugeln where Mozart face is turned to the left side of the box. However, there is a huge difference in taste. These last couple of years we have been purchasing these chocolates in the duty free shop as we were leaving Vienna so it would not add weight to our luggage. Our friends are used to us bringing back these chocolates as gifts so obviously there is never enough! The delicious combination of chocolate and almond paste is incomparable to anything that you can experience. Thanks to the new technology of internet and being able to google anything, we were able to stumble upon this website where you can purchase your favorite Austrian goodies. I plan to order not only chocolates but other tasty delights from this company as soon as our first chocolate shipment arrives!

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