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Big Austrian Seppl

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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

14.01.2013 00:03 - ELOY

Mi mujer y yo los descubrimos en nuestra luna de miel en Austria en 1998 y nos encantaron. Ya los hemos comprado más veces por internet y los encargamos a amigos que iban de viaje a Austria.

Stiegl Weisse

13.01.2013 22:01 - Adrienne Sutton

Love Stiegl it available in the states?

Casali Rum Kokos

13.01.2013 20:45 - GEORGES FERIR

Il y a 30 ans nous avons passé quelques semaines en Autriche. Nous avons été séduits par les Rum-Kokos. Plusieurs kilos sont rentrés avec nous en Belgique. Nous pensions trouver les mêmes dans notre pays, mais NON. Les saveurs n'ont pas quitté notre mémoire et avons été très heureux d'avoir trouvé ce site.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

10.01.2013 02:57 - Luis montoya

In Christmas 2012 My daughter visited us and bringing among others gifts, four Mozart chocolate balls (one for each one), but later she forgot to give it to us. Next day y found the four chocolates and eat all of them. Now I feel guilty and looking desperately in internet where to buy some of them to give to my family.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

09.01.2013 16:56 - brigitte

bestelle wie besprochen 100 stk mozartkugeln mirabell zum preis von € 44,59

Puntigamer Beer

09.01.2013 14:57 - Marcus Mahe

This beer is simply the best. I often visit the Steiermark where this beer is brewed and it is the only beer I will drink whilst on my holidays visiting friends and family. I always wished it was more readily available in the uk. However this site makes it possible to get my favourite beer, I find no beer here in the UK can compete.

Zipfer Beer Urtyp

09.01.2013 01:04 - Sandra

I had my first Zipfer in Austria in one of the Restaurants.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

08.01.2013 22:29 - HISHAM RAZAK

My first teast was in 1980 during family visit to Austeria. I was hooked. Whenever I am traveling I vist the candy stores at the airport to pick Mozart. last week I was presented with the chocalate and decide to secure my supply through the internet.Her I am trying to place the first order.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

08.01.2013 20:12 - brigitte

bestelle von mirabell 100 stueck mozartkugeln € 44,59

Mozart Black

08.01.2013 12:32 - fevre

merci de mefaire parvenir une bouteille de cette liqueur de chocolat noir

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