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Mozartkugeln Tin 30pcs

18.11.2012 10:50 - Dédé66

Après le décès de mon grand-père, ma grand-mère nous a emmené, ma sœur et moi, en Autriche. Nous avons d'abord visité Vienne, puis, l'année suivante, nous sommes allées à Salzbourg. Nous aimions beaucoup l'Autriche et nous y sommes revenues à plusieurs reprises. A Salzbourg, la ville de Mozart, nous avons visité les lieux propres à Mozart. Un jour, à la fin d'une visite, nous sommes passées à la boutique souvenirs. Il y avait des chocolat Mozart, dont on nous avait vanté le délice si particulier. Nous en avons goûter un et il est rai que le charme a tout de suite opéré. Nous en avons alors acheté plusieurs boîtes, pour nous et pour les membres de notre famille. Ainsi, eux aussi ont pu goûter les chocolat Mozart et, eux aussi, ont adoré ce chocolat. Plusieurs années plus tard, alors adulte, j'en trouve par hasard dans un hypermarché en France pour les fêtes de fin d'année. J'en ai tout de suite acheté et beaucoup de bons souvenirs me sont revenus en mémoire. Malheureusement, l'année d'après, il n'y en avait pas et je n'en ai plus jamais retrouvé en France. En cherchant sur Google, pour voir s'il était possible d'en acheter par internet, je suis tombée sur votre site et j'attends, maintenant avec impatience, d'être livrée!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

17.11.2012 21:48 - Mr Western

My father was working on the movie The Lady Vanishes and brought home some of the Mozartkugeln as a gift for me, I was about 12 years old. I had never tasted a sweet like it and our family nickname was Mozart Eyeballs! I always try and get a box for Christmas but it is very difficult to find them in the UK, as they do stir memories of childhood. I saught them out when I was lucky enough to visit Vienna many years later.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

17.11.2012 10:41 - Eileen Charanley

I first tasted Mozart klugen when I visited Salzburg with my husband - a huge Mozart music fan. My father-in-law adores these, and I always buy them for his birthday/chirstmas. They are eaten with relish!!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

16.11.2012 16:13 - Barbara

Amazing delightful chocolates.. surprisingly so as many told me they did not like them .. I found these to be one of my favorite things of my entire trip on the Danube. Certainly the most delicious! Are they available in the USA?

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

15.11.2012 21:10 - Marc Pencil

Well. I am from Konstanz in Germany. Frankly, I had never ever heard of Mozartkugeln. So why am I here ordering these things? Well, it is a long story. But to cut a long story short, let me start. My work among others involves inbreeding depression and in reading literature on the subject I often came across the words “lethal equivalents”. I could not exactly figure out the meaning of that, and so I started digging, until I found a paper with the promising title: Lethal Equivalents and Genetic Load. I was pretty sure the answer would be in there, but this 1992 paper was only available behind a paywall. So, what does a scientist do? Pay? Not with my current funding level. Give up? Never ever. This leaves one option, to write the authors of the paper. And against all odds, I found one of them, at least I thought. He turned out to be the editor, and did only have a paper copy. So I tried one of the other authors. But in the meantime, the nice editor had actually scanned the chapter for me! Hurrah! The only favor he asked in return was a box of Mozartkugeln. They turn out to be from Salzburg. Which is not so close to Konstanz. Hence my attempt to find them online. And, Dutch as I am, I could not resist trying to get them for free. I am sure this boring story interests absolutely noone. But I sure hope it will win me a voucher with which to buy the desired Mozartkugeln…

Milka Chocolate Caramel 5x100g

15.11.2012 09:59 - Jaryd

When I was a senior in high school I visited Austria. I brought back a bunch of chocolate but this was by far my favorite. I had only brought 2 of the bars back but I tried to make them last as long as possible. Ordering the chocolate online will bring back many memories of my trip to austria. .

Gosser Beer

15.11.2012 09:52 - Timi

Das beste Bier der Welt!

Mozart White Vanilla

15.11.2012 03:38 - Cecilia Cygnar

I have been to Austria twice since 2005 and each time I have to eat some of your great food but mostly STOCK up on this fantastic white chocolate liqueur. There really is nothing like it. It's creamy and perfectly sweet -- not too sweet but not underpowering. It's the perfect before dinner drink and the perfect after dinner drink. Each night in my hotel, I would use this Mozart White Chocolate as my nightcap. Sadly, the distributor in the USA stopped carrying this Mozart liqueur...actually all Mozart products. So, I cannot find it anywhere in the States. Thankfully, I head to Europe once or so a year so I can find some in London or Paris. Though, it's not the same as having it in Austria. I do have a trip planned to Vienna in 2013 and even though I am excited about seeing all of the sights (I've only been to Salzburg), I REALLY cannot wait to have some Mozart White Chocolate and take some home as well. Maybe I can even have some shipped home. It is sad that this liqueur is what I am looking forward to but that just proves how good it is!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

13.11.2012 15:58 - jon hansen

I am a violin teacher and mozart is my favorite composer. I love to give your wonderful chocolate to my students as inspirational gifts.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

12.11.2012 22:55 - Helen Marsh

My grandma was born in Vienna and we spent many summer holidays with my great grandparents in Vienna - I remember Mozart kugeln as one of teh iconic things associated with Vienna -they are delicious!

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