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Mozart Black

12.10.2012 04:57 - Katie

I first tried this magical product when visiting Salzburg last year and have been in love ever since. I was thrilled when I realised I could order it on line. The blac is the best chocolate liquor I have ever tasted and I will never have anything else again.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

11.10.2012 13:53 - Carole O

There are certain foods whose flavour encompasses all five taste sensations - sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami (deliciousness and the feeling of a lingering flavour). Mozart Kugeln embraces all of these and in doing so are able to evoke for me a feeling of place. When I mention place, I do not mean a location or site, a city or part of the countryside, but instead I mean a space to which I attach meaning; a place where I feel for one reason or another I belong or some part of my identity has been formed there. This is the case for me with Salzburg. I visited it only once when i was young, and found it to be a beautiful city, with sharp mountains rising up in the background, the air stiff with freshness, and a wondrous, cyan sky that unfolded above us. We seemed to be protected. Our family had travelled to many countries in the world, and each had their individual character. Biting into a Mozartkuglen was like experiencing an entire universe, wrapped in its distinctive golden paper. This little orb signified to me Salzburg and, even today, still reminds me of the Salzburg of my youth and, wider still, the Austria that Salzburg recalls. It is a world in miniature, a taste that triggers memory, place, and imagination.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

11.10.2012 13:29 - Carole O

I once read that the reason only one variety of a famous condiment existed was that it was sated with a perfect amount of each taste experience possible - sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami (deliciousness, long-lasting flavour). For me, this is similar to the experience of eating Mozartkuglen. I have travelled to many countries around the world and have yet to find a taste that so quickly recalls a place as the Mozartkuglen. Just unwrapping a chocolate reminds me immediately of a world: the beauty of Salzburg, the mountains, the cyan skies and the bracing air. I have lived in over 12 countries and still have not found a flavour that so encapsulates the spirit of a place as the precious universe of taste, wrapped in precious gold, from Austria!

Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

09.10.2012 13:44 - gemma

I love Milka Alphine Milk, but I live in South Africa and it is very difficult to buy Milka in any of the shops anywhere in the country, My family all live in the United Kingdom and whenever my folks or sister travel there for a hoiliday they always remember to bring me back a few slabs to keep me going. I gave one of my slabs, from my moms last visit last year,to a friend of mine as a gift. That was a big mistake ;-)) He loved it as much as I do and now every time my family go over and bring me some,I need to give at least one of the slabs to my friend. (He begs and begs as it is also his favourite!) We have tried the different flavours and still maintain that the plain milk chocolate is by far the best one. My son also loves chocolate and normally has half of the slab with me (which we eat in one sitting - its just that irristiable ) so i think im going to have to make sure my family bring me a few more slabs every time they go over...or just buy my own on this website!! thanks for making it possible to get Milka!!!

Gosser Beer

09.10.2012 06:33 - Hamlet babakhanian

I was drink that gosser beer from 1996 when i was in Austria .i wish i drink again.i can't find in USA

Stiegl Goldbräu

08.10.2012 18:56 - Pamela Hatcher

I recently visited Austria and fell in love with the beer. Stiegl has now become my favorite beer.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

07.10.2012 22:36 - Mona Khalil

I had been to Salzburg 4 years ago with my husband and kids. I tried Mozartkugeln and loved it as well as my kids. We always had it for the road. Though we spent a short time at that time in Salzburg, it was enough to understand that this was the real taste of high quality. chocolate I brought 3 boxes to take with me back to my home country Egypt .I gave a box to my mama, She liked it so much as it is exactly her taste of that smoothie soft high quality choclate she loves. Since then she's been waiting for my next visit to Austria to bring her some more. The second box I gave to my father in law who adored chocolate . He loved it so much but it's a pity I can't get him more as he passed away. The last box I kept for my family and friends who visited me. My dream of returning back to Austria is going to be true very soon Vienna I am coming on Nov. 02 and I hope I could see more of you and enjoy my favourite chocolate which we don't get in Egypt. I 'll make sure to bring some with me back to my home country Egypt.

Gösser Stiftsbräu Dark

04.10.2012 11:15 - elvio

nella settimana scorsa sono stato in Ungheria e austria e non sono riuscito a trovare la goesser scura, ci sono problemi? grazie

Gösser Stiftsbräu Dark

30.09.2012 07:24 - O.E. Kienzle

I have been drinking Gosser Dark Beer for many years here at my home in the United States, Chicago, Illinois. Then, in August, 2012, I find out that I cannot order this beer anymore in Chicago.The beer distributor refuses to deliver the beer to the stores. I don't know why. I use to order the beer in kegs (half-barrels) and also in bottles. I cannot find anyone who sells this beer within a hundred miles of my home. Please help me find someone who can sell me this beer. It is my favorite beer. I have been drinking beer for over 35 years and I know a great beer.

30.09.2012 05:25 - diane smith

Since traveling to Germany in 1998, Milka chocolate has been our bar of choice! Especially the chocolate&biscuits. We can find a few smaller Milka bars in the USA but it is very limited. Our eldest son loves nothing better than this bar so it is worth it for us to order out of the country to give him a special gift. Two hundred words is a lot ya know!!! Why can't Milka be more accessible in the USA? It's because it would put other local companies out of business. Once people taste Milka and compare prices, they would only purchase Milka. The large 300gram bars would be a smashing success here. Maybe you could make mini bars for Halloween bags!! If Kraft Foods owns Milka in Europe...then it should be available in the USA, don't you think?? What about mini assorted Milka bar bags for the holidays, especially Halloween. You would see a ton of them!!! The biscuit bits are not as good as the real layer of biscuit. Don't change that, okay?? Milka is our favorite brand...bring it here please!!

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