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Gösser Stiftsbräu Dark

30.09.2012 07:24 - O.E. Kienzle

I have been drinking Gosser Dark Beer for many years here at my home in the United States, Chicago, Illinois. Then, in August, 2012, I find out that I cannot order this beer anymore in Chicago.The beer distributor refuses to deliver the beer to the stores. I don't know why. I use to order the beer in kegs (half-barrels) and also in bottles. I cannot find anyone who sells this beer within a hundred miles of my home. Please help me find someone who can sell me this beer. It is my favorite beer. I have been drinking beer for over 35 years and I know a great beer.

30.09.2012 05:25 - diane smith

Since traveling to Germany in 1998, Milka chocolate has been our bar of choice! Especially the chocolate&biscuits. We can find a few smaller Milka bars in the USA but it is very limited. Our eldest son loves nothing better than this bar so it is worth it for us to order out of the country to give him a special gift. Two hundred words is a lot ya know!!! Why can't Milka be more accessible in the USA? It's because it would put other local companies out of business. Once people taste Milka and compare prices, they would only purchase Milka. The large 300gram bars would be a smashing success here. Maybe you could make mini bars for Halloween bags!! If Kraft Foods owns Milka in Europe...then it should be available in the USA, don't you think?? What about mini assorted Milka bar bags for the holidays, especially Halloween. You would see a ton of them!!! The biscuit bits are not as good as the real layer of biscuit. Don't change that, okay?? Milka is our favorite brand...bring it here please!!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

29.09.2012 18:15 - Susan Badgett

We are buying Mozartkugeln as a birthday present for a neighbor who was born in Salzburg. I have tried Mozartkuglen and they are delicious!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

28.09.2012 21:41 - Stephanie Southard

A friend introduced me to this chocolate/marzipan deliciousness and I've been hooked ever since.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

28.09.2012 19:52 - miam-miam

Mes enfants adorent les Mozart Kugeln ! Depuis qu'ils les ont goutés, ils en rafollent... Je suis contente de pouvoir passer commande d'une boite pour leur anniversaire.

Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

28.09.2012 06:44 - Rhianne Evens

This is my absolute complete favourite chocolate ! ! ! I live in Australia and it is not really available here , so I have to get it sent in ! ! ! I am yet to buy any for my family , but it will be here soon and then I can share it with everyone I know ! ! ! I first had it in Central America , and talked to a friend of mine from Germany , who said it was her favourite brand as well . This chocolate is beautifully smooth , creamy and it melts in your mouth ! ! ! There are also so many different variations , and while milk is my favourite , I also love the oreo , caramel , milk , honeycomb and mixed berry varieties ! ! ! I hope that the creators continue to put out new flavours and varieties (from mini snack bars to family boxes ) and that new flavours continue as well . I would like to see new flavours like fruits of the forest , raspberry , apple and even banana. Thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Mozart Gold

27.09.2012 04:50 - Martha E

We went to Vienna this summer and bought a bottle in Salzburg. It's delicious, especially cold!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

26.09.2012 04:20 - Rodney A. Reindl

In 1996, my wife and i made a trip, our first, to Germany to visit my cousin and family for the first time.During our visit, we were able to visit Salzberg, Austria for a couple of days where we were introduced to Mozart kugeln. We found them extremely addictive. On each trip subsequently to Germany, we have loaded up on kugeln to the extent that our baggage would hold. Our last trip (concluded 3 days ago) we brought back a number of packages to give as gifts to my Oncologist, our son and daughter And sev eral dear friends. Would that we could have brought back several baggage containers. We hoard what we have but, discovering this website, our hoarding days may well be over! They are one of the most uniq1ue sweets that we have had the opportunity to taste. Those with whom we have shared feel the same. When my oncologist discovered that we were going to Germany and V ienna, Austria, he almost begged that we bring back some of the Mozart kugeln and we obliged. My wife took some down to the senior choral group that she belongs to; the girls were suitably excited and very complimentary (and scarfed them up).

Baumgartner Beer

25.09.2012 19:08 - Eric Baumgartner

I have found this beer to be a very light but balanced beer. It does not have the strong taste of hops.

Wiener Zuckerl

22.09.2012 04:18 - William Richardson

This candy was discovered by William Richardson in the summer of 2012 on a fabulous trip through the regions of Europe. Each day, William and his wife Christy would search the markets looking for the perfect fruit candy to enjoy by themselves, and to take home to their friends. After many attempts to locate the perfect fruit candy, the Wiener-Zuckerl candies were discovered. We opened the package as soon as we got back to the hotel, and we spent all night eating the delicious candy of our desires. Each individually wrapped sweet was a new adventure. My wife's particular favorite is the orange flavor bon-bon, as well as the pineapple. We sucked each candy until the soft filling was ready to erupt with flavor inside our mouths. The wrappers were also interesting and we saved each one to be wound into a wonderful colored necklace. No other candy that we discovered in Europe was able to fullfill our desires and meet our expectations such as the Wiener-Zuckel sweet candies. Now that we are back in the United States, we plan to share our discovery with everyone we know. We also think that the sweets will lead to many new friendships.

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