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Small Austrian Hansi

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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

21.09.2012 20:17 - Erika

I got hooked in 1988 when I vacationed in Salzburg/Seeham with my father. Next year I plan to take my boyfriend for a visit.

Victor Schmidt Bag

21.09.2012 09:26 - MONTMAIN

It's really one of the best chocolates that i've ate. you really need to feel its natural when you put it on your mouth. We wish that it won't change it's ingredients and uncomparable naturally delicious taste.....

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

20.09.2012 11:31 - Kwee Lan

I am from Malaysia and will be visiting austria sometime around 5th to 6th Oct and your chocolate is highly recommended by our friends who have alrdy visited Salzburg. I ve also came across Salzburg in one of Korea Drama -where I ve fall in love with chocolate that they are eating , your city scenic view , seashell muzeum and so many others lovely places . See You Soon Salzburg and the chocolate !

Mozart Gold

20.09.2012 06:33 - Xiao Wei

My daughter went to Viena for International student exchange last Spring, and brought back a bottle of Mozart Chocolate gold. And our family and friends love it so much, and searched Beijing Market for more but failed. And eventully come to this online fortunately. I wonder why we don't have this in Beijing as it's a such wonderfull good.

Mozart Medals 7pcs

17.09.2012 22:04 - Willis Belton

Can order from the USA?

Mozart Medals 7pcs

17.09.2012 22:01 - Willis Belton

Trying to order

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

17.09.2012 18:44 - Lilian Jones

I was given a packet of the MOZART chocolates by a friend who visited Austria recently, and thought they were heavenlu!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

17.09.2012 14:19 - sommier

Bonjour à tous nous souhaitons vous faire partager cette belle expérience : Un vrai voyage à la dégustation rapporté par mes parents lors de leur séjour en Autriche. Super souvenir de voyage dégustés bien rapidement car toute la famille en raffole (petits et grands)Il est donc nécessaire de s'approvisionner régulièrement pour satisfaire nos papilles .Alors n'hésitez pas à les gouter, c'e'st un accord parfait Cordialement Estelle et Cie

Milka Chocolate Hazelnut 5x100g

17.09.2012 09:33 - Tal

I first fell in love with this chocolate whilst traveling in Switzerland. It's never quite as fresh unless I order it directly.

15.09.2012 16:41 - christina

Yes! Wij leerden dit ook kennen tijdens een (zomer)vakantie te Oostenrijk. Zeer lekker met aardbeien confituur.... De variant zonder rozijnen is ook lekker met appeltjes :-b

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