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Mozart Black

18.08.2012 20:10 - Teresa Garcia

I first tried this product in Salzburg, Austria while I was visiting from the United States. Immediately, I was blown away by the quality of the dark chocolate liqueur. The other two were also impressive, but I quickly took to the Dark. I have tried chocolate alcohol in the past and none seem to measure up or deliver the taste I was looking for. From the first taste of Mozart Black I knew that no other chocolate alcohol would be good enough anymore. It is clear that the ingredients chosen are only the best. It is one of the few liqueurs I have had that can be enjoyed straight. As good as it is right out of the bottle, it truly shines when mixed with your choice of drink or food. Some of the more popular choices include whiskey, orange liqueur, or even ice cream. Anything that could normally be topped with chocolate will go well with this liqueur. If you are a chocolate fanatic like myself there is no reason that you would not enjoy this drink. I can not recommend this enough and truly believe that the Mozart chocolate line is some of the best chocolate available on the market today.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

18.08.2012 17:51 - Miguel

I had tasted these Mozart chocolate balls before thanks to some friends that brought them after going to Austria on vacation. When I decided to go to Vienna myself I knew I had to buy some too. I never thought they would be so popular. You can get them anywhere and in all types of boxes and souvenirs. Definitely this is one of my best memories of Austria

Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

18.08.2012 05:06 - Alyx

After years of name calling, cursing, in-fighting and outright hatred, we all finally sat down in a room to sort out our differences. Yesterday Me, Current Me and Future Me, eye to eye at last. I was supposed to be the mediator between Yesterday Me and Future Me, to keep it civil, but I had a horse in this race too, Yesterday Me is a screw up and I wanted to make a few points myself. “Look, firstly no yelling. I’m tired because somebody decided to stay up watching ‘just one more episode,’ til’ three in the morning,” I said. “Ha. You two are both as bad as each other!” Future me yelled, “You do the same thing again tonight.” “It’s not like YOU get anything done,” Yesterday Me shot back at Future Me. “I will do the taxes on the weekend, you say to ourselves, and do you do it? No. You sit around on Monday morning blaming me for not doing something on Saturday, when I am hung over because mister live in the moment here had a huge Friday night.” “We need to get organised,” Future Me sighed. “We’ll do it tomorrow,” Yesterday Me say in unison

Kaiser Doppelmalz

16.08.2012 22:24 - Johann

Ich war am Traunsee, in Altmünster. Hotel war gut, das Essen sogar sehr gut. Das Kaiser Doppelmalz habe ich zuerst nicht als Bier wahrgenommen, da bei uns die Malzbiere alkoholfrei und keine richtigen Biere sind. Habe es aber dann doch probiert und war begeistert. Aufs Zimmer habe ich mir dann noch ein Kaiser Doppelmalz mitgenommen und auf den großen Terasse getrunken. Am letzten Tag bin ich zu einem kleinen Supermarkt gefahren und habe nach dem Kaiser Doppelmalz gesucht. Aber die hatten leider nur noch sieben Flaschen davon. Ich wollte eigentlich eine ganze Kiste, also zwanzig Flaschen mitnehmen. Da die Zeit etwas drängte habe ich nicht nach einen weiteren Supermarkt oder Getränkemarkt gesucht. Die sieben Flaschen sind jetzt in meinem Getränkekeller. Vorerst werden sie als Schatz behandelt und nicht getrunken. Ich suche jetzt nach einer Möglichkeit das Kaiser Doppelmalz zu kaufen oder zu bestellen. Der austrianshop könnte eine Möglichkeit sein, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher. Die nächsten Tage bzw. Wochen werden es zeigen. Sollte es aus irgend welchen Gründen nicht klappen, dann werden wir wohl nächstes Jahr wieder in die Linzer Gegend fahren, aber dann werde ich ganz sicher eine ganze Kiste Kaiser Doppelmalz mitnehmen. Es ist einfach ein Bier, das aus der Masse herausragt.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

16.08.2012 20:12 - Jonathan

Five years ago, my wife and her mother took a holiday to Europe. In their tour of Great Britain and the mainland European countries, Austria became their main place of memory due to one primary reason. Mozartkugeln. They had had American chocolate, European, chocolate, but this was the cream-of-the-crop for their taste pallettes. After taking many photos of Salzburg, they returned and found the primary token of their trip was the Mozartkugeln. Over and over, they kept describing how they were the best chocolates on the planet, due to the combination of the marzipan, the centers, and the overall taste combination they were able to experience when they bought a 50 pc. set. I was dumbfounded and rather curious when they kept on, so I am out to venture and gain the same witness. I hope to give these to my wife as an anniversary gift and keep coming back for more. Thanks to the internet and the online international marketplace, I will be able to help her relive the nostalgia of her european experience and ultimately share the happiness she felt. I highly recommend these to anyone, even if I have not tasted one, but once I do, I will be adamant about my advertisements, just as my wife continues to be.

Edelweiss Beer

16.08.2012 17:21 - Ramon

More or less 25 years ago i was playing with Judgen Symphonic Orchester Dornbirn along four years, conducted by Guntram Simma in Feldkirch, Hittisau, Bregenz, Wien, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and many, many cities more in Austria, Switzerland and Hungarian ,and after the concerts always we went always to drink Edelweiss Beers to the pubs of all the cities where we played and from then I started to love that beer, and now many, many years later y have find the way to buy it, the first thing i am going to do, is to talk all my friends who likes beer to invite to buy this beers to you and if it is possible, many to do a club of beers in my little city, i hope all my friends will do it, and of course i hope to go as sooner as possible to Austria to drink with my friends your beers. Thank you very much for your beer and i hope this beer will be so wonderful like i remember, i am sure. Ramon Romero Redondo. Spanien. Y ahora en español unicamente agradeceros la buena cerveza que fabricais y espero poder compraros cervezas en los proximos años y asi disfrutar de esa maravilla. Mil gracias. Ramon

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

12.08.2012 20:17 - Jeroen

Like A.S. When I visited Austria a few months ago I fell in love with the country. Salzburg was especially beautiful to me. I loved hiking in the mountains, walking by the river, and looking at all the birds. I was amazed to see that some of the birds we have back home in Canada are very similar to the ones in Europe. I enjoyed an early Sunday morning walk and got to really experience the sounds of Salzburg – the birds, the river, the church bells resounding through the town, people going by on their bicycles... After my long morning walk I made my way into the shops that were just beginning to open and made sure I purchased some of the famous Mozart chocolates that I had heard about. They were unlike any other chocolates I’d had. I brought some back to give as gifts to my friends back home, but I ended up eating mostly all of them before having the chance to give them away! When I finished them all I was very sad that I had none left, so decided to google the chocolates and see if I could find any place that I could buy them... and here I am!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

10.08.2012 01:18 - Kerry Walker

My boyfriend from Linz introduced me to Mozartkugeln when we visited Salzburg 3 years ago. Maybe it was the beautiful mountains or my wonderful Austrian boyfriend, but I immediately fell in love with the little chocolate delights of Mozartkugeln. I stocked up on Mirabell Mozartkugeln at the local SPAR back in Linz and brought them back to England for my friends and co-workers to enjoy. Naturally, everyone adored them. The following year, we again stocked up on Mozartkugeln in Austria and brought them to my family while we visited them together in Canada. Here again, the chocolates were a hit. It seems they are an international sensation, fit for even the blandest British or roughest Atlantic Canadian palettes. It is perhaps a good thing for the cardiovascular health of the rest of the world that original Mozartkugeln, upon which one is initially hooked, are only available in Salzburg. Of course, that also makes a fine excuse to visit Salzburg. More recently, my boyfriend and I have become engaged and so obviously we need a fresh supply of Mozartkugeln to give to our wedding guests. And so I find myself writing an essay on my love for both my Austrian fiance and Mozartkugeln in order to save 10 Euro for our wedding treat!

Victor Schmidt Bag

08.08.2012 01:33 - eunjin kang


Victor Schmidt 50pcs

08.08.2012 00:47 - Tanya

I am purchasing these for a bridal shower. My friend lived in Austria during college and I remember how much she would talk about this candy! I am excited to use them as a party favor for her party and look forward to seeing her reaction. In the United States it is pretty much impossible to find these specific chocolates in any store. I asked my friend if she had ever tried them and she responded that she had no idea what I was talking about. So, I decided to attempt to find them on the Internet. I found your store through Google and I am looking forward to ordering from you. My friend will be so surprised! I hear the delicious combination of chocolate and almond paste is incomparable to anything that you can experience. Thanks to the new technology of internet and being able to google anything, I was able to stumble upon this website where you can purchase your favorite Austrian goodies. I plan to order not only chocolates but other treats from this company as soon as our first chocolate shipment arrives! Thank you for providing this service and I look forward to gaining a few friends and pounds from this purchase!

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