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Big Austrian Seppl

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Victor Schmidt 50pcs

07.08.2012 20:17 - A. S.

When I visited Austria a few months ago I fell in love with the country. Salzburg was especially beautiful to me. I loved hiking in the mountains, walking by the river, and looking at all the birds. I was amazed to see that some of the birds we have back home in Canada are very similar to the ones in Europe. I enjoyed an early Sunday morning walk and got to really experience the sounds of Salzburg – the birds, the river, the church bells resounding through the town, people going by on their bicycles... After my long morning walk I made my way into the shops that were just beginning to open and made sure I purchased some of the famous Mozart chocolates that I had heard about. They were unlike any other chocolates I’d had. I brought some back to give as gifts to my friends back home, but I ended up eating mostly all of them before having the chance to give them away! When I finished them all I was very sad that I had none left, so decided to google the chocolates and see if I could find any place that I could buy them... and here I am!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

07.08.2012 00:39 - Lena

My cousin would visit us from Austria and bring us these chocolates all the time and we would devour them. They are without a doubt the best chocolate out there. Unfortuantely, he hasn't brought them with him the past few years and I have been in search of them. I decided to finally go ahead and purchase them.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

02.08.2012 02:24 - Dan Clifton

I met my to be wife in 1994, and we went on a ski trip in January 1995 to Salzburg where we found what we call Mozart Balls. We travelled to Salzburg because my father was director at the Salzburg Seminar at the time we, we fortunate enough to stay on the fabulous Schloss Leopoldskron where the Salzburg Seminar is situated ( Well the Mozart Balls were a magical part of the trip and I am certain it did not hinder my to be wife from falling in love. We brought several packages of Mozart Balls back with us to the States. Of course we can not find them here in the States at all. My father still teaches a course at the Salzburg Seminar every October, and he is under strict instructions to always bring some Mozart Balls back for us. He always gives them to us at Christmas and we share them with the family, but invariably our daughter and son will offer them to their friends and thus we always run short before next October. I am so pleased to have found these at your store and for those of you that think it is just chocolate, think again. Mozart Balls are one of the finest confections you will find in the world. Just don’t let your kids share them :-)

Milka Chocolate Happy Cow

02.08.2012 00:00 - emelie s

i just love being in austria because the chocolate is so delicious and i just love it . I have so many great memories being in austria eating delicios milka chocolate , walking in the mountains and drinking almdudler in the cottages. Its so sad that i havent been in austria in two years now and i kind of miss it even with the fact i then thougt it was tough walking in the mountains. Ps this online store is a great way to get some of my memories back when heres so many favourites from austria that i just love so much

Steinbeisser Keychain

01.08.2012 00:01 - Kathleen Alexander

I am having a party on August 30th to introduce my nephews and nieces to our Austrian history. Your selection of beverages and chocolates is fabulous.

Almdudler Can

30.07.2012 04:16 - emelie suni

i tasted almdudler the first time a few years ago in austria on a vacation and i loved it every time we went back to austria i drank it, but now its been two years ago since i drinked it and i miss it so much its something everybody who goes to austria shold taste its delicious. Every time i go to austria in the future i will walk up a mountain and drink it there because almdudler on the mountain is really wonderful. I wait so much to the next time i have a chance to drink almdudler im so much of it that it feels like ive never had a break from drinking it . But for now i have to be happy with the beverages here in finland . I will buy a stock home next time so i dont feel so bad that im not in austria

Almdudler Can

30.07.2012 04:08 - emelie suni

i tasted almdudler the first time a few years ago in austria on a vacation and i loved it every time we went back to austria i drank it, but now its been two years ago since i drinked it and i miss it so much its something everybody who goes to austria shold taste its delicious.

Darbo Blueberry 450g

29.07.2012 22:42 - Padalino Massimo

Your products have been shown to me by my sister who lives in Italy Veneto Region, which has traveled several times in Val Gardena Citto Trentino and Bolzano where he acquired them by recognizing the quality of the product very good. Fortunately on the internet we found your site in order to make the purchase. Thanks Regards Massimo Padalino

Darbo Blueberry 200g

29.07.2012 22:39 - padalino massimo

I Vostri prodotti mi sono stati indicati da mia cognata che vive in Italia Regione Veneto , la quale si è recata piu volte in Val Gardena Trentino e nella cittò di Bolzano dove li ha acquistati riconoscendo la qualità del prodotto davvero ottimo. Per fortuna su internet abbiamo trovato il Vs. sito per poter effettuare l'aquisto . Grazie saluti Padalino Massimo


29.07.2012 12:11 - Anneleen

Wij hebben deze lekkernij leren kennen in Oostenrijk tijdens een skivakantie en zijn er nu verlekkerd op

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