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Zipfer Urtyp Bottle

29.07.2012 01:14 - Uwe Schröder

Das leckerste Bier, daß ich je getrunken habe :-)

Mozart Medals 15pcs

27.07.2012 22:41 - Ivana Bottallo

Siempre me gustó el chocolate y los dulces en general y puedo definirme como una degustadora profesional de los mismos. Cuando decidí viajar a Salzburgo uno de mis objetivos principales era probar los Chocolates Mozart, de los que había escuchado decir maravillas. Por cuestiones de indole personal y de administración de los días, no pudimos pasar por Salzburgo en nuestra estancia en Europa, Por ello, y al haberme quedado sin cumplir mi deseo, cuando tuve una oportunidad no lo dudé: le solicité a una gran amiga de la pareja que viajaría hacia aquellos pagos que, cómo regalo de su viaje, me trajera los tan deseados chocolates. Ella me obsequió un envase, sumamente delicado, con unas especies de medallas. Resultaron exquisitas, debí contenerme para no comerlas todas el primer día y, debo reconocer, hasta me costó compartirlas. La última medalla, junto a mi esposo, la cortamos por la mitad para que no se torne en un tema de discución. Hoy nos encontramos planificando un nuevo viaje, en el que como destino, esta vez si, está Salzburgo. Vuelvo a tomar como actividad a realizar en esa hermoso sitio, comprar y probar otras variedades de los chocolates Mozart. Esta vez, no duraré en compartir con mis seres queridos dicha delicia, pues también tengo en mis planes traer varias cajitas para regalar. Es un placer, desde todo punto de vista.

Almdudler 24x0,5l

26.07.2012 15:59 - alan baker

Each year we go to Söll in the Tirol for holiday and look forward to being able to get Almdudler which is a great soft drink. If pubs sold it here I would be more than pleased to drink it

23.07.2012 23:56 - veronica

i tried the merci chocolates and now i´m interested in buying them for my weding as favors.

Almdudler 24x0,5l

20.07.2012 08:51 - Mandi Chermak

I went to Europe on a People to People trip and we went to Austria for one part of our trip. Our tour guide was from Austria. When we all got to Europe (we started in Frace) he introduced us to this amazing thing call Almdudler! Everyone of us on the trip absolutly loved it!!!! We almost couldn't go a sigle trip, or bus ride with out being fully stocked with Almdudler! Now that we are all back in the states we miss Almdudler so much...and with a 10 Euro Voucher I can buy a few!!! And that would be amazing. My most memorable Almdudler moment was when I was at school in Austria with my Host sister (we had a home stay in Austria and were able to live with a local family and we went to school with them and everything) and when I was at school I was talking to some of my Host Sister's friends and they asked me what my favorite thing about Austria was, and I replied, Almdudler!! They couldn't believe that I knew what Almdudler was and as soon as school was over we all went into town and bought Almdudler and just sat down and drank it as I sat with my new Austrian friends!

Linzer Torte

19.07.2012 23:49 - ERIKA RUTZ

I wuld like to know if you can ship to Brazil? I'd love to buy your products

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9pcs

19.07.2012 23:11 - Nell Clingman

We purchased these chocolates while in Austria in June 2012. They were so delicious but I should have bought more to share with friends and family back home. I am ordering more to share with them.

Zipfer Beer Urtyp

19.07.2012 14:31 - Randall Bosse

My 19 year old son and I traveled from North Carolina in US this summer to Patsch (Innsbruck) AE for a hiking trip. After our first hike up the mountain ending at Patscher Alm (1700m), we were met by three very nice local gentlemen who introduced us to Zipfer Urtyp. We were needing perhaps water, but after a tall glass of cold Zipfer....we were hooked! Checking now how we can purchase it in US?

Casali Rum Kokos

17.07.2012 22:17 - Diana Matt

I really enjoyed the Casali Rum-Kokos but my all time favorite was the Casali balls filled with espresso liquer inside. I would like to get both products, but especially the Casali balls filled with espresso. Can you help this US citizen get these in Florida or can I order through you??? Hoping to hear good news about this. :)

Casali Rum Kokos

17.07.2012 22:09 - Diana Matt

Can you also supply the Casali coffee balls

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