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Mozart Gold

16.07.2012 20:22 - Andrea Heilman

Love this drink!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

15.07.2012 12:00 - Janine Gransagne

Lorsque, de passage à Vienne, entre deux avions, je passais devant une vitrine, je ne résistais jamais au plaisir d'offrir ces merveilleux petits Mozart aux amis que j'allais revoir...

13.07.2012 20:53 - Jacob Goodman

The suggestion in one of the comments about giving these as gifts is a good one; I will keep it in mind when the time comes.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

13.07.2012 18:28 - Liz Jones

While I was living overseas in Asia a few years ago, I met a lovely Austrian woman. She introduced me to Austria Mozartkugeln from Victor Schmidt. She presented it to me as a gift, and my palate has never been the same. It is rich and delicate and a perfect blend of chocolate and marzipan. I have beeen searching for chocolate that is comparable ever since. My search has been to no avail. Chocolate in the United Sates is not even close in quality. I was in Frankfurt, Germany last week for a layover, and I was hoping to find and purchase the exact Viennese Mozart chocolates in the duty free shop. Unfortunately, my time was too short to take a look. I have been looking for a way to purchase these Mozart chocolates for some time and finally decided to Google them. I have now found my way to, and I am excitedly looking forward to placing an order and receiving this delectable sweet treat. I am a self-confessed chocoholic along with my mother and my two young daughters. We are all hoping to become regular customers!

Almdudler Can

13.07.2012 15:28 - tunparge

buona almudler!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

11.07.2012 15:34 - Amanda Istari

While in Vienna for work I came across a confectionery store which was selling these chocolates. The presentation of the chocolates was very attractive and are a perfect Austrian sweet. I bought a ridiculous number of chocolate boxes as gifts for family and friends. I also bought quite for myself. The chocolates were very popular (and not just with me). Since that visit to Vienna, I have consumed quite a lot more of Mozart chocolates and they are now my favorite!! I have tried other brands of marzipan chocolate but they do not have the same taste. Mozart chocolates can be bought in the UK they are not widely available and therefore I tend to buy them on the internet. I was looking to buy some Mozart chocolates online for my mother in law (also a big fan of marzipan chocolate) when I found the website (google search engine returned it). It appears a good selection of Mozart chocolates. I have bought a box or two for my mother in law and one for myself! I have added a bookmark to this website on my browser as I will be visiting this website regularly in the future!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

09.07.2012 06:23 - Nicholas Davis

The first time I had these famous Mozart chocolates was in 1984. I was living in Brussels, Belgium, and a friend of my father, gave us a giant box of these as a Christmas gift. At first, I did not know what to think, as I was accustomed to eating Belgian chocolates. However, once I tried them I was so imprsssed by their delicious taste and high quality ingredients. In the United States it is pretty much impossible to find these specific chocolates in any store. I wasked my wife if she had ever tried them and she responded that she had no idea what I was talking about. So, I decided to attempt to find them oin the Internet. I found your store through Google and I am looking forward to ordering from you. I hope that you will ship to the United States. To me, these delicious chocolates are the perfect representation of Austria. You should be very proud that your country produces such excellent chocolates. I would like to learn more of the history of this famous Mozart chocolate and I am looking forward to tasting them again after so many years. Thank you so much!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

07.07.2012 04:58 - Judy Cole

Recently I was lucky enough to have some chocolates given to me and I would love to order some more.

Stiegl Beer Can

06.07.2012 21:43 - Phil

Hi can you help I'm getting married in september and really want stiegl as my favour but I only want the small size bottles not the big ones and looking for about 46 bottles can you help or point me in the right direction cheers phil

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

05.07.2012 02:22 - Marisa SorBello

I used to work for a company that had an office in Vienna, and when one of the sales staff visited California, he brought me a small box of Mozartkugeln. Everyone in the office went crazy for them, and every time I've gone to Austria or Hungary, I've brought back several boxes of these delicious chocolates. It's possible to get the other brand here in California, but they're just not the same. It has to be Mirabell! Once, I filled an entire carry-on bag with various types of Mirabell products and everyone I knew got Mirabell chocolates for Christmas that year. There should be a Mozartkugeln Anonymous group for people like me...

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