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Old Babenberger Warrior

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03.07.2012 22:12 - Claire Mills

do you export to a shop in Ireland

Samichlaus Beer

02.07.2012 18:49 - Patrick Girard

Excellente , probablement la meilleur bière que j'ai bue .essayer 2 fois et croyez moi elle est excellente mais énorme mal de tête garantie le lendemain ......

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

28.06.2012 04:10 - Irena Mihalikova

My daughter and I have visited Vienna many times before since I am originally from Bratislava Slovakia. Presently we live in Washington DC. When she was younger and there were no limitations on luggage, we would always bring one small carry on suitcase filled with our favorite Mozart kugeln chocolates. In the Washington DC area where we live around the Christmas time, some international stores carry the German variety of Mozart's Kugeln where Mozart face is turned to the left side of the box. However, there is a huge difference in taste. These last couple of years we have been purchasing these chocolates in the duty free shop as we were leaving Vienna so it would not add weight to our luggage. Our friends are used to us bringing back these chocolates as gifts so obviously there is never enough! The delicious combination of chocolate and almond paste is incomparable to anything that you can experience. Thanks to the new technology of internet and being able to google anything, we were able to stumble upon this website where you can purchase your favorite Austrian goodies. I plan to order not only chocolates but other tasty delights from this company as soon as our first chocolate shipment arrives!

Auer Tortenecken 4x100g

27.06.2012 21:41 - Beverly

We first encountered Auer Tortenecken filled wafers on our recent trip to Austria in summer 2012. We were most impressed with how flaky and tender the wafers were, and found great enjoyment in savoring the wafers with a picnic lunch along the Danube River in the Wachau Valley countryside near Durnstein. We actually found the wafers in a gas station convenience store while en route to Melk Abbey, and having a desire to try a regional food that we had never seen before, bought a package. Normally, in the United States, convenience stores sell well-known national brands of snacks, pastries and beverages, so we thought we could trust that the Auer brand was going to be tasty. After finishing off the package with our picnic lunch, we wanted to bring some back to the United States to share with family and friends. We found some in a local grocery store in Vienna, and upon return to home, tried to find them through’s online shops. No luck! It would appear these delightful cookie treats are only available through European distributors such as yours. I think I will have to make another trip to Europe and Austria if I am to satisfy my sweet tooth in the future! Thank you!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

27.06.2012 06:58 - jonathan wu

i was in vienna for a month in april, and had a fabulous time there. i was able to fully enjoy the concerts, operas, and theatres, but the most memorable pleasure for me was the chocolates. i didn't have enough room to carry back the chocolates because i had limited luggage space, and i have been hunting for some for a long time. i've been meaning to try and spread the word to many others, but have not been able to convince others because of no hard bodied evidence. i'm hoping that this chocolate is exactly what i've been looking for. the mozartkugeln has been famous because of its filling inside where they can sometimes have ground pistacchio and caramel inside. simply tastes amazing. would encourage anyone in the future to order some, or rather to go to vienna and have some mozartkugeln along with some cappaccino at a local restaurant. they can melt perfectly in your mouth or serve as something chewable inside. i really can't wait, and a lot of my friends are begging me to offer them some chocolate once i receive it. many thanks in advance to this online store for being able to send this across the ocean for me and my friends!

Schlossgold Beer

19.06.2012 19:42 - Christof Brust

Grüß Gott! Nach einer herrlichern Wanderung um den Altausseer See sind wir neulich im Lokal Zur Seewiese eingekehrt. Dort wurde uns ein gut gekühltes Schlossgold zur Brotzeit serviert. Noch nie hat uns ein alkoholfreies Bier so erfrischt wie dieses! Die Kombination aus der klaren Bergluft, dem herrlichen Blick auf den See und die Trisselwand mit einem Glas Schlossgold in der Hand wird uns unvergesslich bleiben. Wir sind deshalb nach unserer Rückkehr in das Rhein-Maingebiet bereits intensiv auf der Suche nach einer Vertriebsquelle für dieses Bier. Wir sind davon überzeugt , dass dieses Produkt den lokalen Markt für alkoholfreies Bier mit Leichtigkeit erobern könnte, trotz des hiesigen, vielfältigen Angebotes. Das Salzkammergut in Österreich wird in jedem Fall für die Zukunft eines unserer bevorzugten Reiseziele bleiben , sicher auch wegen des herrlichen Schlossgoldbieres, das natürlich in ganz Östrerreich erhältlich ist. Wir spekulieren bereits auf Versandmöglichkeiten dieses Bieres zu uns nachhause - sozusagen als Dauerabonnement für ein Stück Österreich -oder besser gesagt einen Schluck Österreich. Herzliche Grüße C. Brust

Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 270g

19.06.2012 10:59 - Raman Narayanan

This is out of the world chocolate and it melts in the mouth like jelly. It is proper to terms it as MILK HA! HA! . It is exceptional in taste and flavour and represents true cow's milk. you can name it as MILK OUT OF THE WORLD.

Almdudler 4x2l

18.06.2012 15:14 - Alexander Szølløsi

det lige hvad i er mand.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

16.06.2012 23:54 - amalia pellicer

Hola!! Hace años a mi hermana le regalaron una caja de estos bombones y le encantaron, le parecieron la cosa más exquisita del Mundo. Desde entonces siempre que yo pasaba por algún aeropuerto del centro de Europa los buscaba y se los llevaba, era el mejor regalo que le podía hacer, ya que en España no los conseguiamos encontrar, ni en tiendas especializadas ni en aerpuertos ni tan sólo en El Corte Inglés, una gran cadena de centros comerciales. El año pasado no se los pude comprar en ninguna parte y quería montarle una fiesta de cumpleaños maravillosa, así que por enesima vez intenté encontrarlos en España y fue imposible, al buscarlos por internet encontré esta web, y aunque no tenía referencias me decidí a comprar, todo fue maravilloso el paquete llegó muy bien empaquetado, en perfecto estado y en el plazo estipulado, así que en Navidad volví a hacer un pedido, pero esta vez de dos cajas, todo fue muy bien mi hermana encantada de la vida y yo habiendo hecho un buen regalo de Navidad. Así que aquí estoy de nuevo, se acerca el cumpleaños de mi hermana y nuevamente vuelvo a hacer el pedido de dos cajas de estos maravillosos bombones que aun siendo tan pequeños reparten tanta felicidad y momentos dulces. Gracias!!

Auer Tortenecken 4x100g

16.06.2012 14:47 - Beverly

Fell in love with Auer wafers on a recent trip to Vienna. Actually found them in a convenience store first!

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