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Old Babenberger Warrior

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14.06.2012 22:23 - Victoria Palumbo

Amicelli is the most delcious and luxurious treat. My husband recently brought one of the bars home that one of his colleagues had given him at work. Actually, he took a bite and knew he would have to save the rest for me, he's a really good husband that way - so generous of him. Anyway, we are so thrilled to now know about this product. This has my favorite type of texture - the filling is super creamy, velvety and silky - it has an almost mousse like consistency. Then all of that goodness is wrapped in a paper thin waffle roll, which makes the cookie (is it a cookie or a candy?) whatever it is, it melts in your mouth. The flavor, blending chocolate and hazelnut is addictive. I can't think of anything else quite as good as this made in the USA. I knew I would have to Google and search online to find this item. This isn't an inexpensive product, but I believe it is more than worth the cost. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. That's what Amicelli is: a tasty, scrumptious indulgence. I highly recommend this delectable treat!

Samichlaus Beer

13.06.2012 15:56 - Emily Joyce

Had this for the first time last a neighborhood pizza joint from an apparantly-knowledgeable server...he said grteat things about it, and we all loved it!! So excited to know it's available online!!

Milka Triolade 300g

13.06.2012 08:21 - guy


Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

12.06.2012 22:51 - Doreatha Johnson

A friend vacationed in Italy 17years ago and brought this chocolate back and gave it to me. I saved the box ( I still have) and have been looking for it in the USA, no luck, found it online. Once you taste this chocolate you will never forget the flavor. Can't wait for my chocolate!

Mozart Black

12.06.2012 16:29 - Ryan

I first tried this product in Salzburg, Austria while I was visiting from the United States. Immediately, I was blown away by the quality of the dark chocolate liqueur. The other two were also impressive, but I quickly took to the Dark. I have tried chocolate alcohol in the past and none seem to measure up or deliver the taste I was looking for. From the first taste of Mozart Black I knew that no other chocolate alcohol would be good enough anymore. It is clear that the ingredients chosen are only the best. It is one of the few liqueurs I have had that can be enjoyed straight. As good as it is right out of the bottle, it truly shines when mixed with your choice of drink or food. Some of the more popular choices include whiskey, orange liqueur, or even ice cream. Anything that could normally be topped with chocolate will go well with this liqueur. If you are a chocolate fanatic like myself there is no reason that you would not enjoy this drink. I can not recommend this enough and truly believe that the Mozart chocolate line is some of the best chocolate available on the market today.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

12.06.2012 00:42 - POYANT

Bonjour, voici l' histoire (d'un couple français) bien originale où les chocolats Mozart sont à l'honneur ! Lors de notre voyage de Noces à Vienne pour le Nouvel An 2005, nous avons découvert les Mozartkugeln (Hofbauer, Mirabell sont nos préférés). En mai dernier, nous avons conçu et réalisé avec 80 choristes un spectacle vocal autour de la vie et de l'oeuvre de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Choeur d'enfants, choeur d'hommes, et choeurs mixtes se sont succédés pour une programmation originale avec mise en lumière et mise en espace. Nous avons alors décidé, en plus des couleurs rouge et blanc dominants dans nos décors (ce sont les couleurs du drapeau autrichien), de faire découvrir et savourer vos fameux chocolats Mirabell Mozartkugeln et Hofbauer Mozartkugeln, pour le plus grand bonheur des papilles de chacun. Nous avons eu en retour de nombreux compliments, notamment grâce à cette originalité : des chocolats Mozart à déguster pendant un spectacle vocal : c'était un grande première, du jamais vu dans notre région. Les choristes adultes ont été aussi gourmands que les enfants. Vos chocolats ont favorisé les échanges entre les choristes et le public. Nous profitons ainsi de ce message pour vous remercier. Nous commandons à nouveau des chocolats pour nos choristes. Nous allons leur offrir en fin d'année. Ils les ont bien mérité ! Nous avons également très apprécié la qualité de la livraison. Merci ! Musicalement, Cécile et Aurélien

Milka Naps 355pcs

11.06.2012 20:09 - Gabriele Diermaier

Ich werde am 7. Juli 2012 heiraten und hätte für den Tischschmuck gerne Naps mit Alufolie gekauft. Leider sind diese scheinbar schon sehr schwer zu finden. Jetzt habe ich gesehen, dass auf Ihrem Naps Foto die alten Naps mit Alufolie abgebildet sind. Verkaufen Sie auch tatsächlich diese alten Naps? Freundliche Grüße Diermaier Gabi

Nannerl Liqueur Raspberry

11.06.2012 17:07 - Charlene Otero

I am interested in purchasing some of your products..How do I find a list with the price listed in American currency....thank you

Almdudler 6x1l

09.06.2012 22:06 - Jeff Sather

I spent 3 months living in austria a few years ago with different host family as part of a IFYE exchange. One of the first things I was introduced to was Almdudler and with just one taste i was hooked. I stayed with four different families in different areas of the country and everyone of them had Almdudler on hand and never ran out. The best story I have it was at a Halloween party in Arriach. They didn't really celebrate halloween but it was an excuse to have a party so thats what we did. Here they gave me a Almdudler and Bacardi drink. Delicious!! Thats what we drank the rest of the evening and being the only american in the pub I never had to buy a drink. Extremely friendly people in Austria we had a blast. That was also the first time I found out that the pubs never close there either people just simply leave eventually when they are tired. I was done at about two which is what time bars close here but my host brother and friends did not quit til six am and then continued at home til eight. But i will never forget it!!

Estragon Mustard

09.06.2012 21:41 - Andrea Bartlett

Mein lieblings Senf fuer immer und ewig, aber es gibt es nicht in England ...

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